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Winter coat popular decoding Han Xiaozhou lamb collar plaid coat + small white shoes beautiful is ve

[share from Haimei] recently, Han Xiaozhou appeared in Seoul Incheon Airport with a plaid coat and jeans, simple but fashionable. Plaid coats have always been popular with actresses for their classic and easy to match, and frequently appear in their Street Photos & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot;

Han Xiaozhou went to Hong Kong to attend the 2016 Mama award ceremony. MM6 Masion Margiela plaid coat, with jeans, beige knitted lining, and red satchel, Xiaozhou Ouni is quiet and lovely.

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The plaid jacket with lamb's wool collar is warm when worn on the body. The jeans roll up the trouser legs to match the small white shoes. It looks super simple on the whole. The plaid coat is good-looking and easy to build. You don't need to spend much effort to get out of the street.

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Previously, Fan Bingbing was wearing a patchwork plaid coat when promoting the film. The front is low-key plaid, and the back is large area red. Coupled with the same patchwork design of leather pleated skirt, Fan Bingbing is full of Queen style!

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Liu Shishi's short black-and-white red classic tricolor Plaid Wool Top shows his elegant temperament to the extreme, and the choker between his neck adds youth and vitality.