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Sportswear is simple and fashionable

[a share from Haimei] in addition to the legend of the blue sea, the recently popular Korean dramas also include jinfuzhu, the goblin in the drama, which is starred by the goddess Li biblical. As a human design related to sports, women's sportswear in the film will naturally set off a trend. Let's take a look at these simple and fashionable clothes~

Versatile white high hat t

The most versatile Baise sports hat t is the high brand. Besides wearing it alone, you can choose some styles with small details, so that you can light up more simple and casual clothes. It's suitable for both men and women. It's also very good to use it as a pair of clothes!

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Blue Roman crown Hat Clip

Blue can make the skin more white. The words on the arm are the highlight of the whole dress. The basic white words on the blue background have a sense of design, but not a sense of leisure. In addition to the Bible, Roman crown also has a short version of Sesame Street and girls. It's super cute!

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Lavender purple sjyp Hat Clip

Lavender purple is a very popular color in autumn and winter this year. It can not only make the sportswear look lovely, but also show your femininity! Sjyp is really cute, but the price is too expensive!

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Put on a baseball jacket that immediately shows the girl's sense of vitality

Even if you just go to the alley to buy a drink, as long as you put on a Baseball Jacket, your clothes will not be too sloppy in leisure. It's not limited to black and white styles. The color contrast series can make your clothes bright. It's lovely to wear a hooded jacket inside!

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Striped long t

The long striped version T with European and American style, the bright striped one has more childlike feeling! In the drama, Li biblical wears many kinds of striped long T, which is really the best indicator of lazy people's fashion