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Quan Zhixian "Mermaid lip color" you can also easily have crazy male god!

[a share from Haimei] recently, the legend of the blue sea is on the air. As usual, Quan Zhixian's make-up, especially the mermaid's lip color, is on fire again. Quan Zhixian and Li minhao, who have become mermaids, are constantly pink in their plays. Then Haimei will give her a piece of paper to help her, so that you can also go crazy to tease the male god. Let's see what's sacred about Mermaid lip color.

The legend of the blue sea, played by the queen of Korean drama Quan Zhixian and the male god Li Minho, not only broke the ratings record of the first episode of Korean drama, but also brought fashion every time she appeared in Korean drama. The topics of fashion and makeup in the drama are constantly on the rise. Among them, Quan Zhixian's beautiful legs and makeup are the most attractive Rong.

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Although Mermaid color is not a new lip color, it has the blessing of the goddess of the whole world! In addition, it can set off the white skin more white, so it is very hot~

And the one on goddess's mouth is the one of Hera's charm powder series

The effect of the mouth is pink luster and light pearly, not only brighten the lip color, but also with a little dreamy effect, just like the beautiful mermaid!

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