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Autumn and winter hair loss how to do? Tang Yan 4 moves quickly save your baldness embarrassment!

[a share from Haimei] what about autumn hair loss? What about severe hair loss? Stars can't avoid such embarrassment, gradually moving back the hairline. Yang Mi and Tang Yan also lay down their guns every minute. But take off the hair is not that long, but the embarrassment of baldness can not be delayed. So let Tang Yan teach you the fastest way to save your hair line.

The quickest way is to change your hair style. Now, I (Tang) are (Yan) to teach you!

1. Use bangs or broken hair to avoid obvious hairline exposure

If the hairline is too high or the forehead is too wide, try to avoid this tight high ponytail. The direct way to avoid exposing too much scalp is bangs, which can be solved by slanting bangs and aligning bangs.

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2. Replace straight hair with curly hair

If your hair is small and soft, straight hair will stick to your scalp, which will not only make your face bigger, but also make your hair less. Choose curly hair, you can visually create a fluffy effect.

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3. Avoid trying to weave hair close to the scalp

Close to the scalp of the braided hair can see a large number of scalp seam, so the hair less sister or not easy to try. If you really like braiding, the natural fluffy fishbone braid is more suitable for you.

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4. Emphasize the presence of eyebrows

This step has nothing to do with hairstyle, but it's definitely more important than hairstyle! People with less hair often have fewer eyebrows, so it's necessary to emphasize the presence of eyebrows on the face!

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