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South Korean actress really can't walk on the red carpet. It's embarrassing to see Chi yun'er Park H

[a share from Haimei] Haimei really thinks that Korean female stars are not suitable for the red carpet. Although the female owners in Korean dramas are sought after by everyone in terms of clothing and makeup, it seems that their clothing can only stop at daily makeup at large-scale festivals. Recently, the 2016 Asian stars grand ceremony was held at the peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Young girl member yun'er, miss a member Xiu Zhi, actor Park Hsin Hui and other female stars attended the award ceremony. Follow Xiao Bian to see their performance on the red carpet.

In 1999, Jin Yuzhen, a younger sister, played a lot of plays although she was young. This year, she even relied on "Moonlight in cloud painting". Haimei can't understand this design.

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Sinhuioni, who is beautiful and skillful, won the best actress award for her evening photos. This black sequined skirt is specially hollowed out at the waist, which is a bright spot in the black dress. But this photo is also sincere, and has never been taken.

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Yun'er's plain floral long dress is more and more beautiful and refined. This is the popular saying, but Haimei is not surprised to see the skirt of this color. Maybe it's plain? It's a little old-fashioned~

After seeing so many embarrassing things, Xiuzhi's dress is still a little interesting.

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Xiuzhi, who is called 'national first love' by Korean netizens, is so beautiful after wearing a long dress with diamonds. The dress designed by micro V-neck, coupled with her face of 'Guoming's first love', is sexy but full of Fairy Spirit. It's another way to make up my heart.

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