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150 short girls wear boots

[a share from Haimei] is it suitable for small people to wear long boots? Is it suitable for short people to wear long boots? When it comes to long boots, they can not only cover the flesh, but also have their own temperament. But most people's reaction is that long boots match long legs. But for small girls, can't long boots be tried? Haimei wants to tell you, it's not like this. You can make long boots more beautiful through clever matching The secret weapon of body decoration, it's not impossible to raise long legs!

The European and American style simple locomotive boots, which are very popular this winter, are the style that many stars like. They are simply matched with college style sweaters, pencil pants and a tweed jacket, which is very cool. Thick heel design, slightly longer than flat bottom. It's casual and comfortable. It's a slim one with a zipper on the side. It's not like the straight one with thick legs. In the fashion list, it can't escape the slim label.

Wendy Nguyen, an American Vietnamese fashion blogger at 155cm. Wendy is very good at wearing herself out of a good figure with superb collocation. Let's see how she wears knee high boots thin, beautiful and high!

Wendy has put one of the most popular colors next year, pink crystal, on her body!

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A belt can let the small girl control the fashionable shape of long clothes + long scarves!

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Petite girls can also hold the full open cape coat with boots!

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