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What's the best makeup for an interview? But don't touch it!

[a share from Haimei] what make-up is appropriate for an interview? Good make-up can not only make people look radiant, but also increase self-confidence, so more and more candidates pay attention to the interview make-up. Master the interview makeup skills, make yourself beautiful at the same time, also let the interviewer in front of a bright! Let's have a look at the interview makeup!

What make-up is better for an interview?

1. Make up should be clean and elegant as a whole

The key words of interview makeup are bright, clean and elegant. Heavy makeup is not suitable for the workplace. Naturally, the unadorned sense of makeup can increase trust and favor. So choose clean cosmetics.

2. Eye makeup should be appropriate

Eyes are the most abundant place for facial expression. When you go to an interview, you should look energetic and serious, so your eyes should be clean and bright. You can choose the eye shadow that suits your complexion. The eyeliner should not be too thick. If you want to wear false eyelashes, you should not choose to exaggerate too much.

3. Suitable for your eyebrow shape

Eyebrow is also one of the key points of the whole interview makeup, eyebrow shape will affect a person's senses. Slender eyebrows make people look sharp, thick eyebrows appear frank, but too thick, it will also appear fierce. Although the willow leaf eyebrow and one word eyebrow are good-looking, they are not necessarily suitable for you, so you should choose the eyebrow shape suitable for your face shape and temperament.

4. The lip color is mature and neat

Although lip makeup is beautiful, it is not suitable for an interview. Lip color should choose the most natural color, try to choose the color suitable for your skin color, even rub on it, let the overall feeling more energetic.

What is the taboo of interview makeup? ~

What is the taboo of makeup in interview

Make up for interview

1. Light make up

Make up is helpful to improve one's image and temperament. The highest level of make-up is' make-up like no make-up '. If you can't reach this level, a light make-up will not appear to be excessive, but also show that you respect the interview.

2. Avoid heavy makeup

Heavy makeup, exaggerated eye shadow and false eyelashes will attract the interviewer's antipathy. Remember - you're going to an interview, not a nightclub. Make up is for the other party, and it's the interviewer, not the interviewer, that please them.

3. Men don't need make-up

Men's make-up will give people a kind of 'Niang'. If you're not interviewing for an art job, put down the make-up! Shave off your beard, clean your collar, and wipe your shoes. They're clean and comfortable.

Also need to pay attention to is that it is summer, running outside inevitably sweat, oil, so try to choose waterproof sunscreen makeup products.

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