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Ni Ni's "28 years old under age" still photo coach small black leather clothes + crisp short hair, c

[a share from Hai Mei] the stills of Ni Ni's new movie "28 years old under age" are released. In the play, Ni Ni Ni comes from coach's autumn and winter 2015 series, wearing leather clothes and banging Tang Yan's shirt. It seems that the tastes of the stars are similar. Ni Ni's short black hair is clean and refreshing this time.

This big soft light, this beautiful green car.

In addition to 28 minors Ni Ni, Hai Mei is still looking forward to the play.

But today I want to show you this small black leather coat.

Keep looking~

From the stills, Ni Ni's play looks like a heartbreaking play.

Look at the next one. It's on the floor.

But 28 is still under age, which is a bit crazy.

Let's take a look at the original of Nini's coach's small leather coat.

The following also bumps the shirt Wu Li Tang Yan~

Tang Yan's general attack model is also full. Black leather is the best interpretation of handsome girls.

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