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What's the harm of semi permanent eyebrows? More than half of the eyebrow dyes exceed the standard o

What harm does a semi permanent eyebrows share? A half permanent eyebrow has drawbacks. Recently, the Korean consumer Institute released quality sampling inspection report, showing that the 25 heavy semi annual cosmetics products in South Korea (Wen Mei, Wen Yan line), the heavy metal content of 12 kinds of products exceeded the standard, and the heavy metal content of some products even exceed the standard value. 30 times, a few of the first-class carcinogens exceeded the standard by 5 times. As South Korean cosmetics are more popular in China, the news caused a temporary uproar.

Recently, the reporter randomly purchased 5 semi permanent eyebrow dyes on the Internet as samples.

On November 9, the inspector was decomposing the sample of Ranmei cream.

Reporters randomly purchased five products after the experiment found that three lead exceeded the standard; next month will start the new standard, one lead exceeded 12 times

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Recently, exceed the standard of the South Korean consumer Institute released quality inspection report shows that the 25 semi permanent cosmetics products in South Korea circulated (Wen Mei, Wen Yan line), the heavy metal content of 12 kinds of products exceed the standard, the heavy metal content of some products even exceeded 30 times the standard value, and the level of carcinogens of individual level exceeded 5 times. As South Korean cosmetics are more popular in China, the news caused a temporary uproar.

Recently, Beijing News reporters randomly purchased five semi permanent eyebrow dyes on Taobao, and detected arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, strontium and other components in the dyes. Among them, the detected lead contents were 6.42mg/kg, 17.1mg/kg, 57.1mg/kg, 64.5mg/kg and 131mg / kg respectively.

According to the current hygienic standard for cosmetics (2007 Edition), the content of lead should not exceed 40mg / kg. The 2015 edition of the "technical specification for safety of cosmetics", which will be launched next month, stipulates that the lead content shall not exceed 10mg / kg. That is to say, according to the current standard, three of the five samples exceed the standard, while referring to the more stringent new standard to be launched soon, four samples exceed the standard, and the samples with the highest lead content exceed the standard limit by 12 times.

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The price of semi permanent eyebrow dye ranges from 1000 to 6000

Yesterday, the reporter went to a beauty shop in Chongwenmen to provide this service. According to the makeup artist in the shop, semi permanent eyebrow dyeing can be divided into several types. According to the different makeup situation of everyone, you can choose silk mist eyebrow or water mist eyebrow. The effect of semi permanent eyebrow dyeing can last for 3 to 5 years. 'it won't dye for a lifetime. It's convenient to try different eyebrows. '

Makeup artist revealed that semi permanent eyebrow dye prices range from 1000 to 6000. More than one thousand are joint ventures, and two thousand, three thousand to six thousand are imported pigments. The imported colorants are all pure natural plant materials, which will not do any harm to human body. It is also said that pure natural plant materials can moisten hair follicles and help eyebrow growth.

The reporter proposed to use it as a tool to dye eyebrows. The makeup artist showed a bullet piece about 3cm long, similar to a small comb. The top comb teeth are made of fine metal. It is understood that before dyeing eyebrows, anesthetic must be applied to relieve the pain. In the process, the makeup artist will "pop out" the eyebrows stained with pigment. Makeup artist told reporters that every day there are customers on the door, most of them choose to dye eyebrows around 2000 yuan.

■ dispelling doubts

1. Why are heavy metals detected in cosmetics?

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In recent years, a variety of cosmetics and skin care products have been reported by the media that their heavy metals exceed the standard. Among them, not only the high content of lead detected this time, but also mercury and arsenic exceeding the standard have been repeatedly exposed.

Why do these heavy metals appear in cosmetics? According to Zhao Bin, associate professor of School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Nanjing University, factors such as lead and mercury are added to cosmetics mainly because they can inhibit the formation of melanin in skin and have whitening function. Chang Xiao, chief physician of Department of Dermatology, Xuanwu hospital, introduced the so-called semi permanent eyebrow and eye liner, principle of which is to create some small wounds on the skin surface, and apply dye in it to achieve the purpose of replenish the color. In order to keep the dyeing state relatively long-lasting, some manufacturers will add ions that are difficult to absorb, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, etc., to fix the color of the pigment. In addition to eyebrow dyes, some hair dyes also have similar components.

2. What is the harm of such heavy metals to human body?

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It is reported that women are more sensitive to the toxic effect of lead, and lead in perinatal women can harm the health of fetus and infants through placenta and milk.

For mercury, which is also frequently exposed to excessive levels, Chang Xiao said that mercury can affect the hematopoietic system. If the human body absorbs too much mercury, it will cause local inflammation and sensitivity of the skin. If the patient's constitution is sensitive, it may also cause local erosion and edema, which will affect the appearance of the skin. In addition, it is reported that long-term exposure to mercury can also cause damage to the central nervous system. Most patients will have different degrees of neurasthenia symptoms. In severe cases, they can be combined with personality changes, stomatitis, hand tremor and other symptoms, and even lead to mercury toxic nephrotic syndrome. For women in the perinatal period, mercury can penetrate the placental barrier and exist in the milk, which will bring adverse effects to the fetus or infants.

Let's see what the experts say~

Experts say

Pure nature does not mean no poison

Zhao Bin said that many cosmetics are under the banner of pure natural plants, but whether it is true or not, it still needs to be proved by businesses. Even if the raw material is plant, it may not be absolutely harmless. 'some plants grow in environments where heavy metals exceed the standard, and heavy metals may remain in plants. In addition, it depends on what plants are. The substances extracted from some plants may be toxic. '

Chang Xiao said that pure nature, by definition, means that all ingredients of cosmetics are 100% from the natural environment, but this is difficult to achieve. 'pure natural materials are easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body. If the dyed materials are all pure natural materials, the color will soon be gone, or the dyeing edge will be spread and unclear. She said that dyestuffs usually add certain components to fix the color. If businesses go through regular channels, they will add stabilizers that are allowed to be added. However, in order to save costs, some small manufacturers will add cheap heavy metals such as lead powder and cadmium.

Is there a risk of infection in semi permanent menstruation? Keep looking~

Risk of infection in semi permanent makeup

Zhao Bin also reminded that although ordinary cosmetics are applied on the surface of the skin, when they contain oils and fats, they will penetrate through the pores. When eating, they may also enter the human body through the mouth. The safety of semi permanent make-up should be paid more attention because the dye is injected between the epidermis and dermis of human body, and the dye stays in the skin for a long time. 'skin is a barrier. If the barrier is weakened, once there are toxic substances, it will do more harm to human body. '

As a doctor, Chang Xiao does not recommend semi permanent makeup. She said that on the one hand, many dyes are so-called imported products, and the specific formula and ingredients are not clear. Even if the cosmetics are sent to the laboratory, only a part of them will be tested, which is difficult to guarantee that there are no other harmful substances; on the other hand, semi permanent makeup will cause wounds to users, and there is a risk of infection. If the previous clients were hepatitis B patients, AIDS patients, syphilis and other patients with blood borne diseases, if the blades in beauty salons were repeatedly used and the disinfection was not in place, there was a real possibility of exogenous diseases. '

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