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[note] double eyelid stickers should be careful for beauty!

[a share from Haimei] many single eyelid mm like to stick double eyelid stickers to make their eyes look bigger and more beautiful, but I want to tell you that sticking double eyelid stickers can hurt their eyes.

1. Red and swollen eyelids

Double eyelid patch belongs to a kind of film with strong gel property and poor air permeability. If you stick it every day, the eye skin can't breathe freely, it will make the eyelids red and swollen.

2. Cause inflammation

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and fragile. When sticking the double eyelid patch, it will be pulled frequently, causing damage to the skin and sometimes even inflammation.

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3. Ptosis of eyelids

The use of double eyelid patch will not only not become real double eyelids, but also make the eyelids loose and droop, which makes the eyelids lose elasticity and can no longer be restored.

4. The effect is not long-term

The main difference between single eyelid and double eyelid lies in the difference of physiology and anatomy. Double eyelid paste and glue, through pressing and pasting the skin to form temporary double eyelid wrinkles, it is impossible to make the levator palpebrae muscle fibers form permanent adhesion in the eyelid subcutaneous, so no matter how to stick, it is unable to achieve the effect of permanent fixation.

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