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How to stick natural double eyelid tape!

[a share from Haimei] how to stick the double eyelid tape to nature? How to stick the double eyelid tape to nature? Angelababy's eyes are round and big, and it has been criticized that the beautiful pupil can't be removed. Now baby not only bravely took off the beautiful pupil, a pair of bright cute eyes let many people envy. Seeing the close-up of the eyes, we found that the secret of big eyes is still inseparable from the double eyelids.

Before sticking double eyelids, you should first choose double eyelid sticking!

One side of the double eyelid adhesive paste, with the support of glue and diaphragm, shaping the single eyelid. The color is generally transparent and flesh color. Or smooth and porous. Most people use one-sided stickers. Both sides have sticky surnames, so you don't have to worry about falling down when using. It's suitable for inner double and single eyelid girls.

Double eyelid paste the strongest tutorial!

Step 1: main preparation tools: small scissors, translucent breathable tape, flat clip for eyebrow pulling.

Step 2: wipe your fingers with a wet tissue paper to remove the grease and dust, so as to prevent the adhesive tape from losing its stickiness when touching your fingers.

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Step 3: cut a proper length of tape. Stick both ends of the tape on the middle finger and index finger respectively and stretch them to avoid sticking.

Step4: use scissors to cut double eyelid stickers that meet your own eye size along the edge of the tape, and trim them into arc shape.

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Step 5: use the flat clip to clip the beauty stickers to avoid finger pollution; you can use scissors to do some pruning.

Step 6: clamp the end of the tape with a flat clip, take the other end to the desired height, and press down the end of the tape with your fingers.

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Step 7: pull the eye patch to make wrinkles appear on the eyelids. Make sure that the end is firmly adhered, and then use the flat clip to pull the tape to the eye.

Step8: use a brush to apply powder to cover the eye patch. Draw eyeliner and curl eyelash, also can have camouflage effect.

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