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Zheng Shuang: she used to have plastic surgery for love, but now she is trying to transform herself

How about Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang Yang? What's new about Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han? As soon as Zheng Shuang appears, they will appear. One is a partner, the other is a lover. For Zheng Shuang, Haimei saw so much, will be distressed but more gratified. Those days when you once cut through the thorns to face the gossip, let her become incomparably powerful. Today Haimei wants to tell you about Zheng Shuang, who is different.

When I was a child, I practiced 18 kinds of martial arts independently in advance

When you were five years old and your parents were holding the baby in their arms, Zheng Shuang had already carried his luggage and was sent by his parents to learn piano dance. When he was 12 years old, he was sent to school far away from home alone. From northeast to Chengdu, one south and one north. It's not only the distance, but also the tenacity to leave when you need the most care and start to face everything. I feel like Haimei has been able to understand that since kindergarten.

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Although you look independent, others think you can do anything. But sometimes, you really hope someone can stand in the place where you can see when you look up and give me a hug when you are sad. Think about how much Zheng Shuang has to bear in order to have today's bold and responsible her.

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To make my parents happy, I got into Beiying

An interview once asked why Zheng Shuang's mother took the road of performing arts. Her mother also frankly answered that she once had an actor's dream, but she didn't finish it, so she could finish it after washing Zheng Shuang. Zheng Shuang also lived up to expectations. When she was admitted to Beiying, she worked hard to satisfy her parents when she was a child. When she grew up, she wanted to satisfy more people. She always worked hard to be a good child. When recording flowers and youth, she seldom took a rest to be a good tour guide, trying her best to satisfy everyone.

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Stubborn, stubborn, although sometimes appears very stupid, but the bone is strong, some can be very easy to discuss with the program team, but she never seems willing to ask for help.

To grow up and develop according to her parents' wishes, compared with most other people, she is lucky; as a post-90s, she has achieved both fame and wealth at a young age, but she doesn't seem to be happy.

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In daily life, Zheng Shuang is also a simple and low-key girl. Compared with Jingtian in the same class, Zheng Shuang's clothes are simple, which can be said to be inconspicuous at all. On the contrary, Jingtian's standard smile, comfortable wearing high-heeled shoes, is very outstanding and beautiful.

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She had plastic surgery for love

When she received the first play "watch the meteor shower together", it was also the most critical turning point in Zheng Shuang's life. Because of this play, the name of Zheng Shuang is well known. Make complaints about Tucao's immature expression or acting. In a word, Zheng Shuang was born in this way.

Falling in love with Zhang Han should be one of Zheng Shuang's few decisions.

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Although the public photo seems to be perfect, only Zheng Shuang knows that this unequal love makes her feel pressure, sometimes even breathless. At that time, the public's evaluation of Zhang Han was that she was handsome and outstanding, but there was pressure on her who was ordinary and not very outstanding at that time. Always feel that they are not so perfect, gradually in front of Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang has no self-confidence, the relationship between the two is gradually alienated. So she went to plastic surgery, in order to love, in order to save a little, she decided to change herself.

Every time Haimei sees the following interview, she really loves Zheng Shuang. In the future, you will have a person who loves you, and you will!

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It's also for the audience. She said that the audience didn't like fat people and could do anything if they liked her. Haimei, I hope you love me again. Healthy is what fans want to see. Recently, the advertisement of Zheng Shuang and Yang Yangxin's cooperation is also beautiful to Haimei. That once withered face finally has a round toot, that's it. Hard working girls will not be treated badly, Zheng Shuang, come on!

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