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What do men hate most about women? Can you guess the sharp answers to everyday questions?

Sometimes, we are surrounded by fairy tales and watered by chicken soup. Now Haimei is going to give you a wave of air fresheners. Let's see what reality is. The answers are sharp. But it's true.

Is there pure friendship between men and women?

Yes, the uglier, the purer

What's the difference between being cheap and being cute?

Is it beautiful

What is the most brain tonic?


When you first meet a woman, what little details do you like?

It's beautiful

How to improve female ticket IQ? Keep looking~

What is destiny?

Life is the excuse of the weak, luck is the modest word of the strong

How to improve girlfriends' IQ?

When she doesn't like you, her IQ is naturally high

Do you need to close the window when it thunders?

No, I tried. I turned it off

If you like a few girls, one by one confession is not very stupid?

Actually, I think it's OK. It's better than putting them together

When people say, "let's be friends, local tyrants," what's your answer

How to make a blind date dislike yourself?

You're normal

How do you chat up a woman you don't like?

Lie on the ground and say, your boyfriend's lost

When others say: let's be friends, how do you answer?

I saved all this money by giving up treatment

Why do women look better than men when men and women earn the same amount of money?

Because men earn bread money, women earn pocket money

How to persuade your lover not to take wedding photos when they get married

How can a woman with seven or eight spare tires be broken?

The woman you like is a broken car. Where does a good car need so many spare tires

How to persuade lovers not to take wedding photos when they get married?

What are you doing with a prop? Just cooperate

Is there any difference between the two sleeping directions in theory?

In theory, go to bed early

How to be neither humble nor overbearing, neither angry nor happy, and keep your heart still?

Take benzodiazepines, sedation and hypnosis

What do men hate most about women? At the end of the day

What's the harm of total lunar eclipse?

Affect sleep

I took a lot of photos, and I really want to match these photos with some words. I have a view in my heart, but I have no ink in my stomach. How can I improve it?

It is superfluous to interpret another language with one language

If I cross time and space, kill my father's father, and come back to my original time and space, what will it be like?

If you succeed, congratulations. You're not born to your father.

What do men hate most about women?


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