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Twelve constellations: like to use the five constellations of "cold violence", be careful of frostbi

[a share from Haimei] actually speaking of cold violence, Haimei, a Scorpio, used to like this move most, but she may be old. If you can't play with these things, you have to face to face more directly. But the following constellations, you should pay attention to them. Haimei will send you some frostbite cream first

[top 5. Gemini]

Gemini have a dual character, they can be warm, but also can be indifferent, such a contrast will also be reflected in the quarrel. They can quarrel with you like hell, but sometimes they will choose to deal with it in a cold war way. They will ignore you and make a bad face. The temperature is comparable to the low temperature in Antarctica.

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[top 4. Aquarius]

Aquarius people are stubborn, which makes them exude a kind of slight pride, they are very mellow in dealing with people, but playing a temper will be irresistible. In addition, their cold violence is not a way to sulk, but a way to give verbal violence, sarcastic criticism, often can have a great offensive.

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[top 3. Cancer]

Emotionality is one of the characteristics of cancer. In addition, they are very sensitive. They will keep a lot of things in their heart. They are not used to expressing their dissatisfaction. They often choose to hide their negative emotions in this way. Maybe they say it's OK, but you will feel that in behavior, they begin to become indifferent and alienated.

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[top 2. Capricorn]

They are introverted. Many times, they like to suppress their real emotions in their hearts. This kind of personality can also be reflected in the fact that they don't yell abuse or throw things when they quarrel. Sulking is their most commonly used way. The "cold war" is their most commonly used way to deal with their feelings. In addition, they love face so much that they seldom talk about it It's easy to compromise.

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[top 1. Virgo]

They are not only perfect but also cautious, and they are also pessimists. When they are in conflict with the people they care about, they will not make a lot of noise. In addition to dealing with things with cold violence, they will also choose to blame others for their inner escape mentality. They will persuade themselves to ignore the facts, because it will make their heart better.

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