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Zhao Liying's weight loss secret: Wuli's small bone is becoming Zheng Shuang!

[a share from Haimei] when it comes to thin stars in the entertainment industry, Haimei's first thought is Zheng Shuang. You should be, too. But recently, Zhao Liying, Wuli's little bone, is also very thin. It's said that she has specially trained her muscles for the new play and enthusiastically disclosed her weight-loss secret. Tianlalu, let's have a look with Haimei!

It is said that she wanted to make "the legend of the secret service Princess Chu Qiao"

Lost seven or eight Jin

Ni Meng feels the stills for herself,

You're too thin to recognize~

In order to be closer to the role, I also practiced my muscles!

In the interview, he said that he was thin, easy to practice and proud~

As you can see in the picture below, she has smooth lines,

Netizens amused and mistakenly pointed out that 'your trousers seem to be worn backwards'!

Let's talk about it

The secret of her slimming

So it's this whole body fat burning exercise

If you want to be thin, try it

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Besides keeping a certain amount of exercise, a reasonable diet is also very important. You can try these diet methods:

No.1 (meat vegetable ratio method)

1. Boiled potato and half an apple salad, or some milk and half an apple salad for breakfast

2. Chinese food enough meat (fish or beef) + vegetables + a small amount of carbohydrates

3. Dinner at seven o'clock to eat, mainly vegetables and fruits, eat only seven full can, after nine no longer eat anything

4. Drink a glass of fruit juice before going to bed (a little lemon juice + water + a little honey) (taste good, remember not to add sugar)

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No.2 (yogurt therapy)

No.3 (Apple meal substitute)

No.4 (Western diet)

There are still some small things you should remember:

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1. Never eat snacks or junk food

2. You have to eat three meals, but you have to be full

3. Avoid fried food or excessive sweets

4. Rice, wheat, flour and other starch foods are indispensable, but should be reduced as far as possible

5. When cooking food, use less oil

6. Choose the right way to lose weight, observe your weight and body feeling, so as to adjust the method at any time, to ensure health first!

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