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Zhang lunshuo before and after plastic surgery contrast picture, before unexpectedly Zhang like this

[a share from Hai Mei] Zhang lunshuo and Christy Chung Po out their wedding photos today. It's because their 12-year-old brother-in-law relationship is finally going to be repaired. Since Christy Chung admitted her love affair, Zhang lunshuo has become popular overnight. There are so many people who are popular. It's hard to avoid such a handsome face lift. Let's have a look at the contrast pictures with Haimei~

From the exposure before and after the plastic surgery photos, before and after the change is not too big, is likely to have done micro plastic surgery. It's just that it used to look a little stronger.

The chin below looks obvious

At the beginning, Hai Mei thought Zhang lunshuo was a half breed. These facial features are too deep! Compared with the two pictures, there is no big difference, but her chin seems to be a little longer. There should be no big adjustment, but a small fine adjustment! Now Zhang lunshuo is more handsome than before!

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