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Constellation: October 31 ~ November 6 Scorpio opens a new pattern

[a share from Hai Mei] in November, the weather of the universe is getting rid of the gloom and unhappiness. Although the weather is getting colder, the heart is bright and lively. The most difficult thing is that this week's star sign is very good, most of the constellations are in the lucky zone. The new moon in Scorpio opens up a new pattern of the 12 constellations, followed by mercury, Pluto, and Venus, who are all replenishing oxygen for us from different aspects to find happiness and sustenance in life. In addition to the potential for emotional recovery, money opportunities are also pouring in. You might as well consider investment and financial management, so that you can make a lot of money at the end of the year. No mines this week.

Red Star Gemini: the main battle field falls in the post, strong rise, every second counts. Some people will welcome new work projects, new partners or team members to join. You can also find a sense of belonging and motivation in the workplace, have an idea when things happen, master the key lifeline, and take the lead by crossing all kinds of roadblocks. Boldly express your opinions, drive the overall thinking of the Department, and you will be well-known around. In the second half of the week, the cooperation was strengthened, the finance was good, the profit was partial to the money, and the gambling was small. Love is the foretell of happiness, as long as you are willing, you can rewrite the development of the story.

Scorpio: the rise of the red star. With the steady improvement of career, good luck and the help of noble people, the 18 kinds of martial arts and talents can be displayed incisively and vividly, which is conducive to checking the general trend and targeting. Strong desire, ambition, career decision-making ability, judgment ability have been improved, even in a competitive relationship can also be far ahead of the competitors. We may as well summon up the courage to break through ourselves and pursue higher ideals. Fortune is beyond measure. Emotion is the enjoyment and wandering in romance, and the rhythm is controlled by you.

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Red Star CAPRICORN: thousands of love, momentum like rainbow. With the help of the guardian star and the new moon, the whole life soars. The sense of career existence soared, and was trusted and supported by everyone. With wisdom and determination, we can turn the blueprint of our long-term plan into reality. Interpersonal relationship is sunshine, let you have used up resources, full of confidence. The financial situation is gradually improving, and the prospect is worth looking forward to. Only the feelings have not been determined, but there are many peach blossoms hidden among friends.

ARIES: be flexible, use your mind in the workplace is not normal, you can save the country with a curve when other people don't manage things well, and turn the world around with a try attitude. This week's performance will leave a deep impression on the boss. Don't be lazy or careless. Consolidate your strength well and you will soar in the future. Business contacts with banks, financial situation is also the key, strong fortune, to deal with loans, tax, insurance, claims matters. Emotion is suitable for both near and far. Something the other person does can move you.

Taurus: cooperative combat is more important than anything else. If you think about it from another angle, all the people and things around you can become your driving force. Business is conducive to cooperation and complementarity, reaching a consensus or establishing more in-depth exchanges on the basis of both sides' positive, there are also many better opportunities and jobs with many benefits. Naturally, finance is going up. People are active. Remember that it's good for everyone to share. Love is good for marriage and engagement. Recently, single people have a lot of opportunities for introduction, blind date parties and so on.

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Cancer: let's go ahead, who else. With good popularity and good luck, life and career are easy. You have a clear mind in the workplace. No matter whether the environment is calm or turbulent, you can get the most beneficial share from it. Of course, talent and strength are also improving in the process of tempering, which can not only highlight their own advantages, but also help each other in the collective division of labor, boost morale and successfully lay a solid foundation. There is the possibility of promotion and reuse. The finance is average, and spending money is happy. Love is the most precious confidant, sometimes you don't have to rush to take that step.

Lion: advance, attack and retreat, improve the comfort of life. The focus is on the family, many problems and contradictions will be solved, and the relationship with the family is also benign interaction, to obtain support and understanding, some people will buy a house, move, decorate. In the second half of the week, I feel more confident and prosperous in my career. Relying on my personal ability and the spirit of being a newborn calf and fearing no tigers, I will forge ahead bravely, especially when it comes to cross department, industry and overseas affairs. Financial stability. The emotion is vivid, the single person elegant blooms, the development opportunity is very many.

VIRGO: the sea is wide and the sky is high. It's very important not to forget the ability to adapt to the business environment, but also to find out the most important factor. Even unfamiliar work can also quickly enter the state, the performance is very competitive. Good for meeting, travel, negotiation, study, exam and interview. Finance is a partial or small extra income. Feelings need to interact. Only when you have the pleasure of playing chess can you arouse the spark in your heart.

LIBRA: steady progress, ambition. Not reluctant not tangled week, do things in accordance with their own mind, even if the result is not clear, no regrets. The characteristics and momentum of the workplace, especially in the second half of the week, is very strong in on-the-spot ability and adaptability, and can grasp the key points in the first time when people are in a daze and pull the situation back to the normal track. The finance is very considerable. It's good for investment and partnership. Health promotion. Feelings are pursued by people. You have a clear idea of who you are inclined to. You may as well try again.

Sagittarius: for a period of time, quietly appreciate the beauty of life. The current task of the workplace is to unload the burden and redundant ideas, and make yourself as simple as possible and as relaxed as possible. Efforts without distractions can get more rewards. The situation in the second half of the week is encouraging. Not only self-confidence and energy are enhanced, but also performance and initiative are improved. It is expected to speed up the progress and improve performance. The financial situation is a little bumpy. Lido rest and recover. Emotional peach blossom is very prosperous, but also meet strange pursuit, let you have both accidents and surprises.

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Aquarius: the bottom of the valley climbs, the price rises. Career is a solid opportunity to move forward. If you want to gain more voice and initiative, you can naturally eliminate all interference, arrange your goals in order, and focus on the core competitive advantage. Being a leader helps to build up prestige and re implement personnel layout. Some people have the opportunity to restart the project, or gain power in the workplace. Campaign, competition, and word of mouth. Finance is the flow of revenue and expenditure. We should learn to spread the risk and make room for ourselves.

Pisces: the road turns around, the fortune is more and more smooth. The new moon opens your vision and vision again. You can face the current situation with a correct attitude. All the solutions are down-to-earth, and there is no lack of personality and creativity. It's easy to go further or recover. You have a good fortune and a strong learning ability at work, which is conducive to further study, going abroad, legal proceedings, book publishing, etc. Cooperation and finance also improved. Although you can't expect quick success, you have gradually become the focus of people's eyes.

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