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Constellation fortune: new moon on November 1!

[a sharing from Haimei] the new moon is starting again. The babies of each constellation are ready to start again. What new actions do you have this month? Let's have a look~


You will receive funding to support your ideas, thanks to the combination of the sun and Neptune, the planet of creative expression. If you're a photographer, film director or producer, a well-known expert may express an interest in joining your team. You'll get more money from the budget, or you'll get more money. The financial conversation will go very well, because your belief in yourself will make you very persuasive.


Your coworkers, loved ones, or mentors are likely to encourage you to share your courageous and socially influential ambitions. Going to a forum or a show as a guest may put you in the spotlight. People close to you will support you and you will be more confident. You may be surprised that line a has a loyal fan base of its own, who spare no effort to spread your ideas. Your new friend is likely to be your confidant as long as you take the time to really get along with each other.


If you have a job interview or performance evaluation, your modesty will make a good impression. There is no doubt that you have a good sense of knowledge, experience and responsibility, and your intuition will make you a step faster. Whether you need to complete an in-depth questionnaire, defend your character, or role play in a sensitive situation, you will have outstanding natural performance. Be prepared to receive the baptism of good news, because you may receive very good comments and opportunities from others.

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Today you will measure the weight of love. Neptune and the sun are in good phase and continue to bring magic to love. You may encounter charming new peach blossom at the International Film Festival, photo exhibition or tango dance at a senior club. You can also plan a dream vacation with your loved one. Just go to a tropical paradise. Career, if you are engaged in creation, your work will get a wider audience.


Today, Leo may receive gifts from family members, or visit the dream house / resort you want to buy again. The sun meets Neptune, which connects your finances to your family, and it's a good time to consider raising mortgages, property planning, retirement accounts, or setting up public trusts and family charities. It is recommended that you make a decision after Neptune returns to direct motion on November 19. Today, you may also find additional value in one of your art collections.


If your partner always wants to take you out for one or two nights, maybe to find a beautiful small B & B or inn, and then enjoy the beautiful autumn leaf scenery, then consider realizing this dream today. Neptune and the sun are in auspicious phase, continue to bless your short journey, make this journey charming and unforgettable. If you are still single, you may meet the ideal new peach blossom in art classes, book signing activities, jewelry exhibitions, and dancing in local hot spots.

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If you are an entrepreneur or an independent contractor, then you may get a large order that you need to do everything you can to deal with. If someone asks you what your unit price is and you're not sure, price it according to the highest quality of the task you can accomplish. Although your professionalism is very important, only when you are confident and cautious enough can your business make progress. You need to ask the client some detailed and clear questions to show your true interest so that you can make a good impression and become one of the most competitive candidates.


You're going to be very lucky tonight, so make sure you have a plan. Now the sun in Scorpio will form a perfect alliance with imagination and romantic Neptune, which will help you to take risks. If you have children, a masquerade party will be a success. If you are going to a dance, you are as bright as a full moon in the sky at midnight. If you've been secretly in love with someone, tonight is the perfect time to open your heart and tell them how you feel.


With the coming of tonight, you will experience a lot of magic moments. If you don't have any plans, you can start thinking about it now. Your charm is worth living, because the sun will appear in the most mysterious part of your chart. Trust your intuition, every direction will be a good one. After sunset, your luck will increase. Find that special star and make a little wish. By midnight, this wish may come true.

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Sales reports, social media campaigns, or other special events can be successful, thanks to your creativity and ambition. If you are in the communication industry, you will attract the attention of many large enterprises. They can help you develop and expand a unique brand. If you brainstorm with your colleagues, you will also have a very keen cooperation skill. Soon, you'll be able to take some time to analyze your two long-term goals.


Take responsibility for your work projects so that you can find the resources you need to succeed. If you are interested in a growing industry, then you will find the most suitable place to show your talents. If you are an entrepreneur and want to combine your artistic side with your service, you will find a perfect market and develop an impressive business plan. As long as you have enough faith in your ability, you can turn your financial potential into money.


As long as your goal means a lot to you, you will have enough confidence to accomplish it. It could involve dual nationality, media promotion, legal proceedings, or anything else that could open a new chapter in your life. Your new path will be open, and several times you're not sure where to go next. Just like the graduates who are about to go to college, you will have a lot of things to learn, and from time to time, you may add up, but as long as you know that you can achieve great achievements ahead, you will pack up your mood and set out.

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