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Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are expected to cooperate again? The actor's beauty in the play with Zhen

[a piece of sharing from Haimei] Zheng Shuang's new play "the summer solstice is not here" has been successfully completed. Haimei can't help but sigh that Zheng Shuang is trying to dominate the screen this year. However, some people say that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are expected to cooperate in the new drama "Dandelion love". However, in Haimei's opinion, the beauty of the actors who play with Zheng Shuang is really better than that of the other actors. They are simply beautiful!

Love is like a boy who fell in love with dandelion in the mountains in autumn. It was a plant full of thought. It was pale, weak, slender, plain and gorgeous. "-- love of dandelion

This TV play tells a love story about a legendary legend. Such a TV play will definitely make complaints about the CP index of the male and female stars in choosing actors. If not, it will be like the "CP'" in the previous "cloud of the sword", which is innumerable &hellip.

In love with dandelion, there is no lack of CP sense in the actors selected. On the contrary, it is too much CP sense. You can't believe it;

Yes, they are, Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang & hellip;

Such cooperation with their predecessors is not without such a situation, such as Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung, Li Yapeng, Wang Fei, etc., shaking hands and making peace is also a great story.

But some time ago, Zhang Han suddenly tweeted that he missed the moment when he just started his career, which made people think a little more. Compared with the situation of no interaction with his girlfriend Naza for two months, it was even more imaginative & hellip;

Now, the first time Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang cooperated in dandelion love after their breakup, Naza's reaction has attracted more attention.

As a result, when she looked at her microblog, she didn't have any news related to it. Only the latest news was that the crew of "the story of choosing the day" was very rich, and there was a row of air conditioners beside the location of the shooting place. It seems that at least Naza is shooting the story of choosing the day with peace of mind;

[next, Zheng Shuang has cooperated with the male stars with the most beautiful appearance]

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Yang Yang is well-known for his good-looking, and there is a colleague beside him who is infatuated with him. What he says and thinks about is him.

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If you look at her and Hawick Lau's "lonely empty court, spring is late", Hawick Lau is also handsome.

The facial features of Hawick Lau are also very delicate. Korean foggy eyebrows and high nose bridge are even more handsome.

Zheng Shuang is also very beautiful in this play, especially the big red lips, which are more attractive.

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And her latest new play is also working with Chen Xuedong, who is also a very handsome and charming male star.

Zheng Shuang has always been very fond of, and some people have commented that she is a stream of entertainment. Most of the actors who cooperate with him have good images. I wish them better and better.