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Rumors end with wise man Qiao Renliang Wang siconglin update hot search

A share from Haimei: why is it that Qiao Renliang has been away for so long? Why can't we just let the dead rest? He has been searched three times in a week, which makes people who love him feel cold. And these doubts are numerous, is netizen brain hole too big or just out of thin air?

When a lot of people watch Qiao Renliang's girlfriend tear up her B microblog, Wang Sicong and Qiao Renliang suddenly take the top spot on the hot search list. What's the situation? Qiao Renliang probably didn't commit suicide by depression at all. After his death, six doubtful points let Sicong win over hellip; & hellip;

[first point] three popular programs will be released soon, but they choose to commit suicide?

The movie "our ten years" is on the air. Zhao Liying, female No. 1 and Qiao Renliang No. 1, are not hot!

■ as the leading role of "battle wall", it will be released at the end of October after his death. Don't you want to see your own works?

■ Hunan TV station's "say do" reality show is about to be recorded and broadcast (air ticket No. 17 has been reserved), but suicide happened at this time?

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[second point] during his participation in Wang Sicong's "Hello! Goddess" program, it was revealed that he had injuries all over his body. On hot days, other people's short sleeves were too hot, but he had been covering his arm wounds with long sleeves. The most important thing is to look at the neck!

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[third point] in previous reports, Joe was put on his head in a plastic bag. I don't know if you have any impression. After Qiao Renliang's death, this description was included in the first broadcast. He put a plastic bag on his head, but it was written as "SM causes anal prolapse" and "depression suicide".

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[point 4] the place of the accident was not Qiao Renliang's own villa, but died in someone else's villa. But what is very suspicious is, whose villa is this? No one has ever reported, who was with him at that time? It has never been reported again! Is it not intentional to avoid the heavy and give up the light?

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[point 5] Kimi's body was delivered by an inexplicable car rather than by a funeral cart. This is the netizen friend disclosed, although there is no way to verify it, but who has nothing to lie about?

[point 6] Qiao Renliang's body is exposed, and his left arm is gone! It's too shocking. If it's suicide, one of his arms should be removed before he dies?! Qiao Renliang's girlfriend seems to have put forward this point too! (in order to respect Kimi, the picture is not shown here. If you really want to see it, you can search it yourself.)

Enough, I really don't want to say more. I just hope that the dead can rest in peace, and that Kimi will go to another world to continue your sunny smile.