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Twelve constellations: love is always slow

A sharing from Haimei: among the twelve constellations, each constellation has its own EQ, and their performance in love is also very different. Some constellations, do not need a lover to say a word, they can understand each other's meaning. And some constellation head is like a stupid papaya, neither romantic nor sweet talk. Let's take a look at the signs that are too slow in love!

ARIES: born to be a Maha

The sheep are always one track minded and careless. If others don't tell him clearly, they will never understand. If you fall in love with Aries, don't expect to let him understand your thoughts through silent giving or various hints. It will never be possible. Only when you tell him what you mean to him face to face, the sheep can fully understand it. Who makes them so dull?

CAPRICORN: love is hard to open in the heart

Capricorn, who is naturally silent, is often at a loss in love. Once they like a person, they will only be kind to each other in silence, even the courage to confess. And their so-called "good" is only in the care of life, for all kinds of sweet little hints or romantic means, they are all the more ignorant.

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VIRGO: no sweet talk

Virgo is one of the twelve constellations which is relatively serious. They always pursue perfection. They always pay attention to keep their mind stable. No matter what they do, they also plan carefully step by step. As for love, they always think that it is enough for two people to know and understand each other, and there is no need to express them frequently. But their style, in the eyes of a loving partner, is a sign of dullness.

LIBRA: it's too rational

Libra, no matter what the big event of the collapse of the sky, can always keep their own attitude, natural rational, they take everything very seriously. When getting along with a lover, Libra sometimes can't tell whether the lover's words are true or not. Is he joking with himself? Is it just angry? Is it true? These questions will drive Libra crazy.

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Taurus: will give the lover money to spend

Taurus is one of the twelve signs who value money most. For them, only money can give you a sense of security. When they express their love, they are also used to measuring it with money. However, Taurus does not know that, many times, cold money is the least romantic thing. In many people's eyes, their practice of measuring their feelings by money is also a manifestation of their dullness to love.