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Huang Zitao's hot temper? Analysis of the character of the eight constellations in real man

A share from Haimei: Recently, everyone is watching "real man" with great enthusiasm. The guests of 8 flavors are also of different personalities. After revealing their true height and weight, what are their constellations? Come and have a look with Haimei!

Virgo Yang Mi

Yang Mi is the sun virgin and the moon Capricorn. Although mercury is in Virgo, Yang Mi's words are not as conservative and cautious as the earth signs. Instead, he often "makes amazing remarks". He calls "xiaoweiwei" to the monitor, which makes people feel shy. However, Yang Mi, who has both the sun and the moon in the earth sign, is actually a very diligent and self disciplined person.

Whether Virgo or Capricorn, not only care about others' evaluation of themselves, but also tend to be pessimistic about things. But for pragmatic Earth signs, simple anxiety and pessimism can not solve any problems. Although we can't restrain the anxiety, we can't stop looking for practical solutions. As a result, you can see that the big power chose to work harder.

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Sagittarius Sun Yang

Characteristics: born with excess energy, optimistic and cheerful, understanding of life, childlike, love of freedom.

Sagittarius Sun Yang has a charismatic temperament, in the "real man" this need physical explosive project, energetic Sagittarius has a certain advantage, can compete with westerners.

When people are under pressure, they will highlight the characteristics of the moon sign. The moon Libra needs social affirmation too much. Most of his emotional troubles come from the uneasiness of getting along with others. However, this tendency to try to please others often results in the result that no one can please them.

The ups and downs of emotions are more frequent on Libra, but the objects are limited to close friends, family members and lovers, and the scope of danger is not wide. In addition, Sun Yang has a more relaxed, good at handling emotions of the sun and Mars Sagittarius, who can still try to relieve and deal with pressure independently. In other words, crying out the inner depression and grievance in public is also an expression and emotional processing method of the solar radiation moon scale.

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Leo Tong Liya

Sitting on the sun lion and moon Archer, Tong Liya can realize her ideal with full action, never tangled and never hesitated. With Leo's strong self-confidence and the spirit of never admit defeat, Tong Liya just walked out of the situation of being generally looked down upon, and grew into a representative of the new generation of female stars.

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Taurus Huang Zitao

Huang Zitao is a real honest boy! We can see from "man" that this is a big boy who has not yet grown up. Whether it is in the "confrontation" with the monitor, or in the "who told you to say 20 seconds!" and other details, we can see that Wu Li Tao is simply honey and cute, and has attracted many fans!

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Virgo Jiang Jinfu

Virgo people are thoughtful, very modest, cautious and conservative, very patient, good at analysis, everything required to be perfect, is a perfectionist. But it is easy to give people greater pressure, more passive and serious. Too much demand for perfection, psychological bear greater pressure, easy to set limits.

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Gemini Shen Mengchen

Sun and mercury fall into Gemini, she is a smart, smart girl. When a girl's sun is in the expanding power, the pattern of the moon being conquered usually brings the impression and feeling of being strong in the outside but weak in the middle, or the deeper self-confidence is relatively lacking.

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Zhang Lanxin, cancer

In terms of appearance, no one can see that this female soldier in the army will be a cancer girl. It's very suitable to describe her as a brave girl. Zhang Lanxin, a kungfu girl, even says that our female soldiers are much better than male soldiers!