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Test: do you meet the right person? What is the probability of meeting the wrong person?

A share from Haimei: a person can live a lifetime. We will meet a lot of people in our life, although there are still many people from the same end, but some people will try every relationship with different people. At first you thought he would be the right person. Finally, I found that I was wrong. So in the girl love, you will encounter such a wrong person's index how high?

What do you think is necessary to enjoy the cool in summer?

A. Tell a story

B. Fan

C. Firefly

D. Grape trellis

E. The moon

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A. AI CuO index: 50%

You such a girl, in love, although it is not easy to like others, but not easy to like, but there is also a 50% probability, like the wrong person. Because fall in love with a person, so you will stay with each other every day, want to learn more about each other's personality. Want to cook for each other, do housework & hellip; & hellip; but you are also easy to get unfair treatment, and finally like a slave, you are attracted to drink, and it is normal to be betrayed.

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B. AI CuO index: 40%

Relatively speaking, the probability that you love the wrong person is light. But you will think it's bullshit, because if you love right the first time, how can you say it? In fact, for you, it's a game. If you love right, you win and your luck is good, so God of love is on your side, and you should cherish it more. Love is wrong, you lose, you may lose. But you have a big chance to win anyway. Don't worry about losing your whole life.

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C. AI CuO index: 70%

Or love is to be impulsive, you are very impulsive people, you can fall in love with a person with lightning speed, once impulse, you will think too much. Unlike some idiots who fall into their own fantasy world, you will not have too many fantasies when you fall in love with each other, because you will be confident that this is the case. However, impulsive love often leads to higher error rate. You will find yourself in love with the wrong person at the same speed.

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D. Wrong index: 80% love

There is no doubt that you are full of fantasy about love, is the most likely to love the wrong person. It's because you're a very emotional creature, and it's easy to fall in love. In fact, this kind of thing, to put it bluntly, you may fall in love with not the other person, but the person you imagined & hellip; & hellip; when you find out that the reality is not the same as you imagined, you will be very hurt and say that you love the wrong person & hellip; & hellip; in fact, people are also quite unjust. Grow up quickly, after all, the probability that you love wrong is too high.

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E. AI CuO index: 60%

You also admit that it's really easy to love the wrong person in a relationship. This is because you can't be so free and easy, really will not put the mind on the feelings. You are lack of heart and eye in love, like a fool, like the other party will dig out the heart and lung, regardless of their love right or love wrong, impulsive blood on the head, immediately start their own love. But such you, also often also can love the wrong person.