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My husband is not elegant. Professor Qinghua is an ancient eunuch?

A share from Haimei: this morning, I saw a sharp correction. According to Professor Qinghua, it is not elegant to call a husband as a eunuch in ancient times. You can tell me how to call their other half, a little love name, after hearing this, I think it is necessary for them to call their other half. In fact, there are many folk names, such as old man, old man, man, old man, old man, old guy, family, child, his father & hellip; & hellip;. Which one do you choose, but what's going on? I'll be next to Haimei and listen to the professor~

Peng Lin, a famous historian and professor of the History Department of Tsinghua University, gave a lecture at Southeast University on the 17th, pointing out that many habits of modern people are improper. Introduce your wife to someone else, say 'Madame' is arrogant, and say 'Lover' means lover. In ancient times, the word "husband" meant eunuch, so the name of husband should be called "foreign son".

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In this regard, Wang Ping, Professor of linguistics and doctoral supervisor of Suzhou University (score line, major setting), believes that in ancient times, because women were in charge of internal affairs and men were in charge of work, women generally could not go out to work, so they were generally referred to as' wife and wife ',' but now the social fashion advocates equality between men and women, and the social division of labor is quite different from that before; It seems that it is not in line with the current social reality. '

However, there are also voices that say that there is nothing wrong with this statement. Zhang Yulai, a professor of linguistics at Nanjing University (score line, major setting), believes that the words "neizi" and "Waizi" are elegant. "Husband" is a popular address, but it is rarely said in the intellectual world, and can not be used in written language. 'the use of a word depends on the acceptability of the person who uses the language. If you use it like this, you will get used to it. '

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Wang Ping believes that it is difficult to have truth in the use of language. Language develops with the development of the times and has the traces of the times. 'language is changeable and can't be too conservative. But when it comes to some standard terms, we should understand the origin behind the language. Sometimes the development of language is also a social convention. '