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Fast food Love 6 tips to let you easily see that blind date men's products are perfect to avoid scum

A share from Haimei: people are busy, busy, making money, beautifying and lovely, but they just don't have time to fall in love! Tell me, everyone is big and big, and they have to make a blind date to solve marriage problems. Well, in this case, Haimei will give you six moves to make it easy for you to distinguish the character of men on the blind date, and let you avoid the scum man perfectly.

Too much care for men

Blind date dregs often use gentle and considerate to confuse your rational judgment, so that you mistakenly think he is a good man. You should know that he can juggle several women at the same time behind his back. For example: he observes what you need and can always solve it for you in a timely manner, which makes you think he is really good. But in fact, he may be just a love cheater and is making you fall into a trap. A really good blind date man seldom makes you feel pressure and considerate, so be sure to polish your eyes and identify them carefully.

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Two common tricks of blind date: sweet talk

How to see a boy's character in a blind date? This is also the easiest to confuse a simple girl. Blind date slag man is very good at talking and flirting. He has a set of pacifying women. However, a man with good eloquence is very dangerous. When you are angry, he will play ruffian to make you laugh. When you suspect that he is cheating, he will tell you not to think too much. It's not difficult for him to say 'I love you' and 'I miss you', because he and many women say so. His love grows on his feet and on his mouth, not in his heart. If you feel that you are a woman who likes to listen to sweet talk, you should be vigilant when you meet a man who makes you happy.

Three common tricks of blind date men: show weakness in time

Retreat to make you feel needed. Blind date slag man always makes you think that he needs you very much or he cares about you very much, even at the expense of showing weakness in front of you. On the one hand, it makes you think that he is single-minded in his feelings, on the other hand, you feel that you should save the poor man. Later I found out that he was very good. He didn't sleep with you because he was busy in someone else's bed.

Four common tips for a blind date: erratic and busy

Blind date slag men are good at lying, do not have to report the whereabouts of the most relaxed, to report when it is easy to find a good excuse will not let you suspect. We can't knock down all the busy men and say that he is not a good man, but many of them are like this.

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Creating romance

Of course, a blind date has long developed his skills. He has his own logic for dating women, which is only applied to different objects. Despite his familiarity, motel pretends to bring a woman here for the first time. In fact, it's your first time to go with him. He has already consumed VIP level.

Six common tips for blind date: admit your mistakes and don't correct them

It sounds like a good quality to admit his mistakes, but he always says that he will change his ways, but his actions are always in the face. It is not difficult to ask him to apologize, but there is no loss in doing so, because his propriety, righteousness, integrity and shame are all in his mouth and not in his heart. Basically, he has personality problems and mental illness. The chance of prodigal son turning back is not without, but it is really very low. Don't easily believe that you are the woman who ends him.