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Thank God for these four super hard to trace constellations!

A share from Haimei: some high and cold constellations are not single, but hard to catch up with.


A little problem can make the other party open the dislike mode, and a little wrong can be quickly divided into various expanded points. Clearly in the heart is grandson, but on the surface must carry and uncle like, waiting for you to coax him.


When you have time to chase Capricorn, you can marry other 11 constellations, have children and provide for the aged. Capricorn really wants to make sure that he likes you 100% before he agrees to be with you or take the initiative to chase you. Even if he likes you only 99% and less than 100%, he won't be with you.

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When not familiar, the whole person is cold to explosion, completely JPG, and will become GIF after being cooked. You never explain yourself. You know it when you know it. If you don't know, you don't know. In this way, how to make others understand him? Chasing Scorpio is like covering hot ice in winter. You don't know when he will melt.


Aquarius' heart is completely: I'm not aiming at you, I mean, all of you are rubbish. Our Aquarius is so perfect, the rest of you are rubbish. After all, it is one of the most difficult and changeable constellations. If you want to chase Aquarius, you can't even reach the tail of Aquarius.