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Autumn and winter qi depression constitution cold health care flower tea osmanthus black tea warm st

A sharing from Haimei: when a friend asked Haimei how to maintain her qi stagnation constitution in winter, the short-sighted Haimei still asked Xiadu Niang what is Qi stagnation constitution. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the movement of Qi mainly depends on the regulation of liver. Qi stagnation is mainly manifested in the stagnation of Qi in the part of liver meridian, so it is also called "stagnation of liver qi". So how to care for qi stagnation constitution in autumn and winter? Let's have a look~

1、 Qi stagnation constitution and cold diet tips:

(1) Suitable: hawthorn, black bean, perch, Euryale ferox, leek, onion, walnut, lotus seed, etc

Sun Simiao, a famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, said: "food is the foundation of one's health. If you don't know what to eat, you will not be able to survive..." the climate of this solar term is cold, or there may be rain and snow. Such a cold atmosphere is not good for the spleen and stomach. In addition, with the supplement of the winter solstice solar term, the spleen and stomach are also somewhat tired. Therefore, we should take care of the spleen and stomach, and eat more soft, warm and fine food. Porridge can 'replenish qi, promote body fluid, nourish spleen and stomach, and treat deficiency and cold'. In addition, the traditional Chinese Laba Festival is also in this solar term. You may as well cook Laba porridge several times. You can also cook Hawthorn porridge, orange peel porridge, jujube longan porridge, black bean porridge, rose Angelica porridge and so on. It can promote qi, remove blood stasis, nourish blood and soften liver. In addition, to reduce the heat of hot food such as cabbage, sweet potato, sweet potato and so on.

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(2) Eat less: kelp, oysters, duck blood, clams, cuttlefish, pig blood, pork, etc

"Zunsheng bajian" records: "the moon in the season of winter, heaven and earth are blocked, Yang hidden Yin practice... Should be small propaganda, not big full complement. "Therefore, in the cold at the same time, we should be careful to eat hot things, such as pepper, cinnamon, star anise, fried, spicy and spicy. In particular, it is not suitable to eat hot pot, spicy pot, barbecue, with frozen beer, ice cream, etc., both damage Yang and Yin. In addition, the small cold solar term should be salty and bitter, and should eat less kelp, oyster, duck blood, clam, cuttlefish, pig blood, pork and other salty food.

(3) Avoid eating: raw Allium, frost rotten vegetables, mussel, crab, shrimp, raw Zanthoxylum, sunflower, kidney

"Qian Jin Fang" says: "do not eat raw Allium macrostemon, frost rotten fruits and vegetables, mussel crab, turtle, shrimp scale insect, roe deer meat, raw pepper (Zanthoxylum bungeanum), and sunflower. "Synopsis of the Golden Chamber" says: "in winter and March, don't eat the kidneys of pigs and sheep. '

2、 Qi stagnation constitution cold exercise tips: don't let off sweat, often practice tuinagong

The moon in the season of winter, when heaven and earth are blocked, Yang is hidden and Yin is applied. All things are hidden. When it is cooled, it is warm. Do not let out sweat on the skin to help the stomach qi. It's not suitable for excessive activities, excessive exercise and sweating; when the weather is good, you should take part in outdoor activities, which not only appreciate the natural beauty, regulate the spirit, breathe the fresh air, but also bathe in the sun and circulate Qi and blood. In case of bad weather, you can practice breathing and breathing at home to relieve depression. At this time, the kidney cultivation method is most appropriate: sit facing the north, buckle the teeth 36 times, swallow the saliva three times; then inhale into the mouth, exhale with the mouth, and make the sound of Chui. Slow down the breathing rhythm; repeat 6 times, and finally take 1 minute deep breath to relax.

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3、 Qi stagnation constitution cold daily life tips: do not be very warm, do not make heavy snow, less bath

"The moon in the season of winter... Don't be too warm, don't make heavy snow... All the sun is resting, don't offend wind evil, don't hurt your muscles and bones." it means that you should not be too warm in this solar term. If you often shuttle indoors and outdoors, sometimes cold or hot, you should use vest to protect your body. After sweating, you'd better change your clothes. If you can't, you should wipe off the sweat immediately to avoid the invasion of cold and bury hidden dangers; The indoor temperature should be controlled at about 20 ℃, and windows should be opened frequently for ventilation; in windy and snowy weather, it is necessary to avoid going out to avoid being hurt by wind and cold pathogens; if you want to stand up for a long time, you should not hurt your bones and tendons for a long time, so as to avoid overwork. In addition, winter should comb more hair, less bath. Taking a bath too often will open the pores all over the body, which will hurt the genuine Qi that the human body should have kept inside. You can take a dry bath before going to bed and rub your hands to warm your body and moisturize your skin.

4、 Qi stagnation constitution cold mood tips: concentrate on thinking and concentrate

It is said in the compilation of medical banknotes that "if you nourish your heart, your mind will condense; if you gather your spirit, you will gather Qi, and if you will gather Qi, you will become old. In winter, you should concentrate on your thoughts. It is a good way to keep the mind quiet. However, in order to achieve the good effect of maintaining the mind, we must be quiet, calm and gentle, eliminate distractions and concentrate.

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5、 Tips for cold tea drinking

Osmanthus black tea: dry osmanthus 2 grams, black tea 3 grams, honey right amount. Boil the sweet osmanthus and black tea with boiling water, cover the cup lid, and turn the honey into the air after the air is heated. It has the effect of warming stomach, dispelling cold, benefiting qi and nourishing blood. It is suitable for drinking blood stasis in winter.