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Describe the highest level of Ugliness: you look like a wrong character

A share from Haimei: "it's not your fault to be ugly, but it's your fault to frighten people out. 'a few years ago, a friend said something like this to me, which made me laugh and cry. But with the popularity of Internet spoofing, so far, that sentence is just a pediatrics.

Before writing this article, I 'Baidu' for a moment 'description of ugly people'. The search engine is also very interesting. It does not despise those who are ugly. Hula is a classic because of its ugliness. To use the word of avant-garde, some sentences are really "thunder". However, after living for nearly 30 years, I still remember a word from "Lei" to me.

Since I was a child, I was not liked by people. I was born with poor quality and belonged to the type of crooked melon and bad jujube. Therefore, he also deserved the nickname "San mangzi". 'everyone is an apple that God bit. They all have shortcomings, but my shortcomings are too intuitive. Maybe God didn't have breakfast at noon that day, and I was the apple wrapped in his stomach and was bitten severely.

The three scabby men are ugly, but they still have the name of self-knowledge. Before a group of children of the same age could not tell the difference between the word "ugly" and the word "Five", I knew that knowledge can arm myself. My grades have been among the best from primary school to high school, so I have made up for a lot of "congenital deficiencies", and occasionally become an example for parents to teach bad children.

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Helpless, people will always grow up, trouble will follow. When the ignorant lust urged the flower in the youth's heart, the trouble of Young Werther also troubled me all the time.

In my sophomore year, I fell in love with a girl in my class. She is not very beautiful, and her grades are not so good. She is just lively and cheerful, and occasionally makes fun of me. Therefore, I think she is very cute and has moved her heart.

At that time, I seldom laughed, because a kind-hearted roommate reminded me: "when you laugh, your whole face is as ugly as a rag. 'but when I was with that girl, I couldn't help laughing. She's lively and infectious. So my smile should be a fragrance from the heart, overflowing in the face of youth should not be as exaggerated as they said.

In my junior year, I got the scholarship of the year and secretly asked the girl to see an old movie "Notre Dame de Paris". Because I have read the original book, I have been thinking about how to use the film to impress her to express my love. At the end of the film, I asked the girl about Quasimodo in a consultative tone. In principle, the bell ringer should have a lot of flash points. But my heroine curled her lips slightly and said, "I think he looks like a wrong character. '

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Although I look not as thrilling as the bell ringer, but the girl's words still make me timid. I forbear not to say anything, but secretly vowed in my heart: I don't do a wrong character!

Many years later, I no longer care about other people's evaluation of appearance, but also a lot of cheerful. I fell in love happily and normally, and then got married and had children. Today, I can say these things with relief and humor, because I know that my wife loves me not because of my appearance, but because she knows me. Her lover is definitely not a wrong word.