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Don't use lack of money as an excuse that you can't live

A share from Haimei: I have to admit that most of our troubles in our life are due to poverty. However, if those people who live a bad life, if they have money, will they really be ok? I read an article before that, maybe a male god designer came down from the sky to build a dream house for them, but still did not change their lives. So, please, don't take no money as an excuse that you can't live!

It's not money and material that determines the quality of your life, but your attitude towards life.

It is a common phenomenon that some people go to the countryside to live in pursuit of their dreams of rural life and live their lives in poetry on the Internet

'it's not because they have money.'

'if I had money, I could live like this.'

'I don't want to breathe the haze in the city, but I don't have the money he has & hellip; & hellip;'


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It sounds reasonable. Many people's logic is: I am not good because I have no money; because he has money, he is decent and has quality.

We have to admit that a large part of our troubles in life are due to poverty. However, if those people who have a bad life have money, will they really be better

There was a previous report called 'from the sky, the male god designer, built a dream house, but did not change their lives. '

The designer mainly aims at some very disorderly and dilapidated houses, such as the 6.8 smallest School District Housing explosion into small villas, 19 old houses into three bedrooms, two halls, one kitchen, three bathroom Garden House & hellip; & hellip; and so on.

A house like this is a small, dilapidated house:

Transformed into a new house with retractable space:

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The interior of the house is also full use of space, and is extremely comfortable decoration and collocation.

However, what happened to such a beautiful house after the explosion? Some people have done a follow-up study:

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Once the full use of the interior space of the house, and restored to the original disorderly crowded appearance.

Many people blame the poor living on the lack of money to ask designers to decorate, no money to buy a big house and so on. Sister used to like to watch these magic family transformation, but after seeing the fate of these transformed houses, she found that: it is not money that really affects the quality of life, it is your own attitude towards life.

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A person who has no pursuit of quality of life can live in a dog's nest even if he is given a luxury villa. It's not allowed to be careless and careless.

In the same work, some people make complaints about their own ability, some people are pessimistic about the bad work of Tucao, some people will buy one or two expensive clothes but the quality is very high. Some people will buy dozens of cheap hellip &hellip.

Therefore, it is not money and material that determines the quality of your life, but your attitude towards life.

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Life itself is a mirror, if you have no idea of life, lazy to move, life returns to you is no fun, no passion; if you pursue life, work hard, life returns you is very happy, good fun.

Some people have a messy life, dirty clothes are all over the place before they want to get up to wash, used dishes and chopsticks should be stored until they have a bad smell, they stay at home whenever they have time, refuse food is not away from their hands, stay up late into the morning and get up only when they are late. Such people do not pay attention to life at all, their work will not be satisfactory, and their feelings are difficult to smooth.

On the contrary, some people will arrange their own time in an orderly way. Even if they live in a rental house, they will clean up their homes. They will have long-term habits, such as insisting on exercise, going to bed early and getting up early, reading every day, and going out with proper clothes. Buy what you like, even if you have to save a lot of money. Only by living with such heart can we live up to our life.

What most people lack is not money at all, but their passion for life, their yearning and pursuit for a better life, and the fantastic ideas inspired by these strong pursuit and enthusiasm.

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Many people like to say:

'My family is in a bad situation. What can I do? "

'our family is poor.'

'we all make do without money.'


It doesn't matter how others live, it's what kind of life you want to live. What's more, you don't have money to spend your mind, money to pursue, no money to have fun, no money to be creative & hellip; & hellip; if you have a bad life, don't bear it, don't make do with it, you have to change.

Because there is nothing in the world that is specially prepared for you, you can create it by yourself to really suit your heart.

It's easy to keep up with the status quo and endure the inconvenience and unhappiness that comes with it. However, this kind of patience is not good for anyone. If you make do with it, you will not be reconciled. That kind of pain and regret will devour you in many late nights.

The most terrible thing is that if you make do with one thing, you will make do with everything. At last, your life is a makeshift life. When you look back, you realize that you could have made a change, make things more beautiful and live a more comfortable life. And you, you don't.

Therefore, you do not want to use your mind, do not want to use your brain, do not want to work hard, you have a bad life, how can you only blame yourself poor?

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Lin Qingxuan once said: the real quality of life is to return to self, clearly measure one's abilities and conditions, and pursue the best things and life under these limited conditions.

Furthermore, the quality of life is due to the long-term cultivation of the spirit of seeking good, thus having self-confidence and rich mind world; outside, having sensitive intuition to find the best things in life; and inside, being able to live in the rough lane and still create a pleasant and diverse spiritual space.

But most of us value is that you give me money, and I will work hard for you, not that I work hard and then you give me money. So many people take it for granted that I'm not doing well because I don't have money. In fact, no money is just an excuse for being lazy and unwilling to work hard.

I appreciate a person's courage to make progress more than you attribute all your failures and disappointments to poverty. If you don't have money to earn, please believe that it will be beautiful for you to strive for the life you want!

A person's lack of pursuit of life is the most terrible poverty in life. To be truly rich is to satisfy one's soul, not to compare with others, not to look around, to focus on oneself, to study hard and to live with heart.

It's not money that makes you live well. It's you.