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What water to soak feet to treat beriberi I don't know leek water is so good for treating beriberi

A share from Haimei: beriberi is a popular folk name. Haimei should use professional words to explain it to you. As for tinea pedis, there are many folk remedies. Haimei has heard of a very alternative method. Different from the usual Shengjian saline or even vinegar, leek water can soak feet. Is this true or false? Is the effect really so magical? Let's have a look~

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Medical effect of raw leek

The medical effects of raw leek are as follows

Raw leek is pungent and warm in nature. It can promote qi, activate blood circulation, disperse stasis, detoxify and detumescence. Fresh juice drink can treat congestion chest and abdominal pain, smash external application to treat bruise, sprain, congestion swelling, and can also be applied to treat wet sores. It can warm stomach, relieve pain, tonify kidney and help Yang.

Leek, also known as Yangcao, is a perennial herb of Liliaceae. Function: it is an invigorating and strong medicine, which has the functions of invigorating the stomach, refreshing and warming. Root and leaf mash juice has the function of anti inflammation, hemostasis and pain relief.

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Soaking feet with leek water can effectively remove beriberi

Soaking feet with leek water can effectively remove beriberi

1. Put 50 grams of fresh leeks in a basin, add 1000 grams of boiling water to soak, cover. 5 minutes later, when the water temperature drops to about 40 ℃. Soak your feet in a basin for 15 minutes. It's not itchy, it's not smelly, it's not painful. After 5 days, you can recover by soaking and washing again.

2. Buy a handful of old leeks, boil the water and put the leeks in. Then smoke the feet with a medium, rub the feet with alcohol at the same time, and soak them when the water temperature drops to the point where they can soak feet. In this way, the roots can be removed three times

But there are also experts that: leek boiling water soak feet is a folk treatment, has a certain role, but not a standard treatment. Tinea pedis is particularly easy to relapse, so we should adhere to the treatment, but also enough treatment. General can choose external ointment treatment, such as Econazole, adhere to use for more than a month.