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The importance of sex knowledge eight bloody examples to help you popularize science

A share from Haimei: do you bring happiness to your sexual partner in your sexual life? In Haimei's opinion, sex is a matter of two people. You can't be selfish and just enjoy yourself without considering your partner's feelings. Sexual knowledge is still necessary for sexual life. Today, Haimei gives you eight examples to show you the importance of sexual knowledge.

1、 Size matters. "He's the best man I know. It's sweet to be with him. Unfortunately, his size is only as small as my little finger, no matter how hard I try, I can only become the size of my thumb. If he is not so small, I will get the best enjoyment. Unfortunately, the world is not so perfect, sorry, he is really too small. "

Comments: the size problem has always been a problem for men. If it is too small, it can only be remedied in other aspects. More sweet language and more attention should be paid to the romantic environment, or more efforts should be made in foreplay to make up for the congenital deficiency.

2、 My boyfriend and I were both impatient. Once we thought that there was no one in the house. We did it without even closing the door. We also used the backward style. Just when we were very involved, my mother suddenly rushed in and screamed. It's really embarrassing. From the beginning, he did not dare to come back to my house. "

Comments: if you want to reduce these embarrassing situations, you'd better make sure to choose a suitable place in advance. The environment of two people's world is necessary. Otherwise, it's a good way to find a good couple hotel. Be careful to sail for thousands of years!

3、 Misusing female condom "that was the first time we used female condom. It was definitely a bad experience. At first, my boyfriend said it was like a small plastic bag, easy to use, but actually it was very difficult to put it into the body. In short, it felt strange, and it would make a strange sound like squeezing a plastic bag. That sex was really hard.

Comment: in theory, the female condom and the ordinary male condom are the same in function. However, the degree of convenience or feeling difference when using is different. On the contrary, I would like to remind all men here that before using sexual condom, please make sure the correct method of use. Otherwise, you will not be able to contraception and feel bad. If you don't please both sides, it will only bring adverse effects.

4、 My boyfriend said that sex toys can increase pleasure and make love more enjoyable. Who knows that toy's effect is too bad, and my boyfriend is not very good at using it. I am not only uncomfortable, but also have a big fight because of it. "

Comments: it's often said that sex equipment can increase the sexual interest of men and women, but the key is to use it properly, rather than blindly follow. Please ask the correct use method before purchasing and using it. What's more important is to consider whether the woman is really acceptable, or communicate clearly in advance, otherwise it will be self defeating.

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5、 It's not necessarily good. "My first love has a strong body, and the bodyshape is just the most perfect. And he was really big, so our first contact was never completed. After trying three postures, he failed. But the worst thing is his attitude towards sex. He has "my stuff is very big, and he is very arrogant. To be honest, a girl's willingness to have sex does not mean that she is a slut. "

Comments: it is the common wish of men to have a big guy. I have never heard that men complain too much but not too much. In fact, women are often afraid that men are too big, so it is not necessarily the best to be big. Even if you have a huge Yin, don't brag about your sexual ability, because it can be a place for men to attract women, but it is also a taboo to scare women.

6、 Accidents happen at any time. "My most embarrassing time was to ask my friends about contraceptive information afterwards. I am embarrassed to face it because of impulse. Even if I am given another chance, I will take safety measures in advance, so I don't have to worry about it afterwards. "

Comments: safe sex is worth advocating. You should know that accidents can happen at any time. It's better to take preventive measures in advance. It only takes a few seconds to wear condoms on impulse. It's not so short that you can't wait to come. Besides pregnancy, you can also get other infectious diseases. It's better to have safe sex!

7、 My last boyfriend and I were very good, and I liked him very much, but when we had sex for the first time, we even unconsciously compared me with his old lover. Once I tolerated it, but twice or three times, you said I was stingy. I decided not to be with him any more. "

Comments: many times, women are afraid to be compared by men. What's more, the most intimate sexual contact is actually used by the other party. Compared with the former girlfriend, doing so is basically the same as suicide. If you want to have a good sex life, don't talk at random. Imagine with your own brain. Why talk too much?

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8、 "My last lover has a good appearance and a masculine appearance. But I fell in love with him for the first time. When he took off his coat, I saw his tattered, old and stained underpants. I was not excited at all. The experience this time really makes me feel very bad. "

Comments: Men's appearance is very important, but the choice of underwear can not be casual, many men have ignored this point. The brand is not very important. Instead, it is a problem of cleanliness. When you ask women to wear sexy underwear, and you are wearing yellow and old, it's really rude. If you are afraid of trouble, you should choose dark underwear, at least not so easy to detect. But in the end, it's safe to change a batch of underwear regularly, and it's not too troublesome.