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What do full-time mothers do to earn money? These six ways of making money are the easiest to achiev

A share from Haimei: after a woman gets married, her husband loves his wife, and most of her wives retire to the second tier and do not work in order to better help her husband and children. But now the woman how many have a little enterprising heart, the daily fuel, rice, oil and salt will sooner or later suffocate crazy. So what do full-time mothers do to make money? These six ways of making money are the easiest to achieve!

Full time wife money making method 1: online part time platform

Now the Internet is relatively developed, and almost all of them are connected to the Internet. There are many part-time platforms on the Internet. If you have expertise in any field, you can find a part-time platform to register on the Internet, and then do the above tasks. If you really have expertise in any aspect, these platforms can also earn some pocket money, such as making money by typing codes, making money by brushing bills, and so on. And it can be operated at home, which is suitable for some full-time wives. You can find out the details by yourself.

How to make money for full-time wife: online contribution

If you are a full-time wife with good writing skills, you can try to contribute articles on some websites about writing. If the manuscript is selected and published, you can also get some contribution fees. This part-time job is mainly based on your own personal experience. If you have the talent in this field, you can make some targeted contributions according to your own life experience and life perception Try, now only need to register online, you can deliver your own contribution directly

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How to make money for full-time wife: small business

You can try to do a little business. You can buy some daily necessities or children's toys through some channels. You can open a shop or set up a stall. Because these businesses are small and profitable, and the time is relatively free. If it's a stall, the full-time wife can adjust the business hours according to her own time. If it's to open a shop, it's no use taking care of children while doing business Wrong choice.

How to make money for a full-time wife: making handicrafts

Many factories have large orders, factories can't catch up with production or have insufficient manpower. Some of the products are outsourced. The outsourced products are usually relatively simple to make, such as buttons for clothing and simple assembly for electronic products. This kind of substitute processing can be taken home and made by themselves. Therefore, full-time wives can find this kind of resources and it's OK When you do it at home, you can not only pass the time, but also make some pocket money while taking the children.

How to make money for a full-time wife: selling goods on a commission basis

At present, in order to broaden market share and reduce expenses, some enterprises introduce agency system in the way of sales. If you have the conditions, you may as well cooperate with these enterprises to set up a consignment store. Agency shop investment is small, risk is small, after confirming business place, the enterprise only collects certain deposit from you, no other big investment. The manufacturer of the goods operated by the consignment store is responsible for delivering the goods to the door, the price is set by the manufacturer uniformly, and the after-sales service fee is also borne by the manufacturer. If you just do well in sales, you can get a fixed share of the enterprise. Play your talent, do a good job in market research, you will get unexpected harvest.

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Full time wife money making method 6: financial management project

Now there are a lot of financial projects, for example, some people can play in the stock market like fish in water, making a lot of money. However, there are still many risks in the stock market. If you are not experienced full-time wife, you are advised to choose some more insurance funds, bonds and other financial products at the beginning. You should learn more about this information and gradually make money.