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Who will save my unruly girlfriend

01 'you do this every time & hellip; & hellip;'

As soon as they quarrel, the girls start to pick up old scores.

'you do this every time & hellip; & hellip;' you were & hellip; & hellip; '

'you never remember what I said & hellip; & hellip;' how many times have I said it & hellip; & hellip; '

It's very difficult for us to talk about things. We always have to go back to a long time ago. Moreover, we will automatically block what they have done well. If we only remember the bad parts, they will feel particularly aggrieved.

Maybe they did it twice in a few years, but in our mouth, it's "every time" & hellip; & hellip; boys sometimes retort that you sometimes do the same. We will be right to ask, when.

Then there are two situations. One is that boys can't say it because they don't remember. The other is that the boy said it out and was Tucao by the girl, you are so careful, you can make complaints about such a small thing. Well, the living environment for boys is really good. Difficult. Xin..

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02 'don't you love me anymore'

Girls have no sense of security, always check every moment whether boys still love themselves.

Especially in many scenes, girls like to say this sentence: "you don't accompany me when you play games, don't you love me?"

"If you don't reply to my wechat in seconds, don't you love me?"

"You don't come to me even though you work overtime on weekends. Don't you love me?"

Hearing these words, the boys will think that we are too much on the line. A lot of things don't have to go up to love or not. Occasional negligence, there is no need to care too much. Moreover, if you listen to this kind of words more, the boys will feel very tired and helpless. Can't you see what I've done?

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03 'I fell into the river with your mother, who would you save first'

Girls love to ask this question because they want to make sure that boys love themselves more than their mothers. If you just ask this question, the problem is that girls will ask questions about their mother-in-law. Girls always complain, "what's your mother like?"

"How old are you? Your mother still cares about you?"

'why do you listen to your mother

'in that case, you've been with your mother & hellip; & hellip;'

At this time, most boys will be angry: you say I can, don't say my mother. In fact, if the boy said that about our mother, we would blow up on the spot.

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04 'look at other people's boyfriends'

'who do you think her boyfriend sent her a 30000 yuan bag & hellip;'

'look who's got a promotion, and his annual salary is 300000 & hellip; & hellip;'

"You see who whose boyfriend beat her back every day & hellip; & hellip; 'when the boy heard this, he was angry and frustrated. Angry is, why do other men have such a high status in your mind? What's holding back is that Lao Tzu has suppressed the idea of comparing you with other women 100 times, but you want to compare me with other men.

Since you think others are so good, you should go to others. In fact, in other words, if the boyfriend dares to look at other people's girlfriends, he will die, not to mention taking us to compare with other people's girlfriends. The grass on his grave has grown two meters high. So, let's not double label.

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05 'who's better than me and your ex girlfriend'

Girls always like to engage in 'ex girlfriend vs me' top duel, forcing their boyfriends to express their opinions.

'am I big or is she big?' "am I beautiful or is she beautiful? '"

'am I in a good temper or is she in a good temper

Every time a boy hears this kind of words, he is extremely frightened. Know clearly is a trap, but do not know how to hide. In particular, it's a serial trap. Girls keep asking questions.

'what do you like about her

'where did you go

Boys dare not answer, girls will pretend to say, 'say ah, I won't be angry, really. '

Boys really said, and will not be careful, on the girls piss.

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06 'you're useless'

It's really hurtful. And something like this: 'you're a coward. "That's what you're up to. '

Once you say this sentence, it is a crushing blow to boys.

There is a male colleague in our company. When his girlfriend said this to him for the first time, he tolerated & hellip; & hellip; just broke a new mobile phone. The second time I said this to him, he broke up with her. This sentence denies boys in an all-round way, which hurts their self-esteem. Since you love him, protect his self-esteem. Especially to protect the self-esteem of boys in bed. Some plays should be performed.

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07 'you see, if you had listened to me, it would not have happened.'

It's the most annoying thing to do. In fact, when you say this, you seem wise and stupid. Then, since you are a boyfriend and a girlfriend, there is no need to say that to look for intelligence superiority, right.

You have changed. You were not like this before

As long as a little bit of boys do not do in place, girls will say this sentence. And then he said: 'it wasn't like that when you chased me. "Used to take me to my house, now I only go to the subway. '

'I used to give Tiffany for my birthday, but now it's Daphne. "At this time, in fact, what the boys want to say in their hearts is that you are not as gentle and sensible as before. When you first fell in love, you were very good at pretending to be forced.

Of course, they don't dare to say it. It is the Third World War.

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09 'I'm not angry. You're right. What's wrong with you'

This is a typical example of a girl's duplicity. Every time I get angry, I pretend I'm not angry and let the boy guess. At this time, if the boy comes to admit his mistake. We'll ask, do you know where you're wrong? If the boy says yes. We'll blow up hair. If you know that, you still do it? If the boy says, I don't know. We can blow up hair, so you can talk to me again after you think clearly! For them, any road is a dead end.

10 'in this case, let's break up.'

Breaking up easily is the biggest gynecological disease in the world. Especially in the early stage of love, if you disagree, you will break up. Boys hate girls. Take the break-up to kidnap each other, it seems that you do not attach importance to the feelings, the boyfriend is also very little attention.

11 'with you, I get nothing'

This sentence completely negates the meaning of the other party's existence.

Most of the time, this sentence refers to matter.

Maybe you didn't get a luxury car or a luxury house, but you got love and pleasure.

If you really don't get anything, why are you still with him? Are you blind.

Boys will also be confused, can't you feel that I have paid so much? Are you not enough to get my heart and my body?

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I do it because I love you. '

When a girl looks up her boyfriend's cell phone, questions who he is with, and asks him to call himself five times a day, the girl puts out this sentence: "I don't care about you until I love you & hellip; & hellip;"

'well, it's not my reason to be angry with you. Kidnapping in the name of love will only make the other party feel very tired. There is also a related sentence: "if you don't have a ghost in your heart, why don't you show it to me?"

Boys feel that their girlfriends don't trust themselves and feel very upset.

13 'I'm a girl, can't you let me

Girls always shout for equality between men and women, but ask for gender privileges in front of their boyfriends. 'you're a boy, so you should pay. '

'you are a boy, so you should support your family. '

'you're a boy, so you should buy a house. '

'you're a boy, so you should let me do everything. '

Gender is not a weapon for us to cheat on. When people say that you are a woman, you should be virtuous, you should teach your husband and children, and you should be gentle and considerate. We also want to erect the middle finger, right.