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Clay doll change porcelain muscle five brightening whitening and replenishment homemade mask, you de

A sharing from Hai Mei: skin is dull like clay doll? Did the "anti pornography brigade" have not inspected you? Don't worry. Hai Mei gives you five homemade whitening and replenishing mask to make your clay doll minute minute porcelain muscle.

1: make whitening mask with three powder.

Information required: 1 teaspoon Angelica dahurica powder, 2 teaspoons white Poria cocos powder, 1 teaspoon Bletilla striata powder, aloe juice, honey or milk are appropriate.

Practice: these three kinds of powder are mixed together, honey is suitable and harmonious, but in winter, if it is thick, it can add a few drops of milk. In the summer, it can also add milk to proper harmony, and apply it to the face for 15-30 minutes.

2: use tofu to make whitening mask.

Information required: a piece of tofu, flour 15g, honey 5g.

Method: mash the tofu, drain the water with gauze, mix 15g flour and 5g honey, spread it on the face, wash it after 20 minutes.

This mask can improve dull, brighten complexion, moisturize, and make skin more white.

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3: make a whitening mask with carrot.

Practice: fresh carrot juice and juice, mask the paper into the carrot juice, then apply the mask of fresh carrot juice to the face after 10-20 minutes, remove the face, wash the face, this mask can improve the skin rough and dull phenomenon, sooner or later, each application, once a day after 10 days, the face will be white and tender.

4: make a whitening mask with cucumber.

Method: take fresh cucumber juice to join milk powder and honey properly, mix a few drops of essential balm, apply it on the face for 20-30 minutes, then wash it, or clean the cucumber and cut it into thin slices and stick it directly on the face, which has the effect of moistening, whitening and wrinkle removing.

5: use red wine to make whitening mask.

Information required: 20ml red wine, 2 teaspoons honey, a small amount of pearl powder.

Method: mix the above data evenly, apply it on the face, wash it with warm water for about 5 minutes.

Red wine can protect skin from oxidation and restore skin's whitening luster. Besides, this mask also has the effect of removing pores, dirt, grease and blemish.

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Whitening Tips

1: Exfoliation

If the cutin accumulation on the face is too thick, even if you smear every day, the nutrients in the maintenance products can't be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, regular exfoliation can help the skin remove the old horniness on the surface, dredge the pores, and double the absorption of the skin. Exfoliate two weeks to go OK.

2: Use whitening lotion

After finishing the cleaning work every day, you may as well choose the whitening cosmetic water with whitening effect, which can not only supplement the moisture of the skin, but also help to regulate the cuticle, and improve the dry and dark yellow problems of the skin.

3: mask to whiten the effect of 10 times.

Mask is a fast whitening method, choose the mask containing vitamin C and Xiong Guogan's whitening ingredients, the effect will be better. But don't plan fast, then apply the mask every day, so that the skin will become thinner.

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4: Seize the golden skin care period before going to bed

The absorption capacity of night skin is several times that of the day, so if you want to make the whitening effect better, you must use night cream before going to bed. If you want your skin to have more appetite, you can use a little muscle fluid to make your skin open and absorb the cream in the cream.

5: Apply sunscreen before you go out

Don't always think that the weather is cold in winter, the sun is too warm, so you can't go out with sun protection. In fact, the ultraviolet radiation in winter is a great threat to the skin whitening. Therefore, it is recommended that the MM who wants to whiten go out and apply sunscreen, with SPF value of 15.

6: Interior whitening

If you want to be a white beauty, it's not enough to patronize and daub. The whitening effect can reach 120% with the combination of internal maintenance and external maintenance. Vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C are the holy products of whitening, such as tomatoes, strawberries and kiwi fruits. Suggest mm to eat more.