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10 autumn and winter to reduce the fastest exercise on the belly say goodbye

A share from Haimei: due to the cold weather in winter, many people become lazy, unwilling to exercise and do not like to exercise. Fat is accumulated on the stomach, which creates a lot of small stomachs. How to lose weight in winter?

Abdominal acupoint massage

Abdominal massage is not a simple massage of the stomach. Choosing the right basic acupoints for massage will achieve twice the result with half the effort, so that you can more confidently show your small waist.

Point 1: Zhongwan point

The midline of the abdomen is about 4 inches above the navel. Regulate the body's digestive function and defecate.

Point 2: water point

Midline of abdomen about 1 inch above navel. (massage of water points can help to eliminate excess water in the body, avoid edema, and help gastrointestinal peristalsis, exercise abdominal muscles, and avoid abdominal protrusion)

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Point three: Qihai cave

Midline abdomen about 1 below navel. Five inches.

Point 4: Guanyuan

The midline of the abdomen is about 3 inches below the navel.

(massaging Qihai and Guanyuan acupoints can effectively inhibit appetite, which is conducive to the even distribution of abdominal fat; while massage at Tianshu point can help digestion, exhaust, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, waste excretion, and of course, it is more conducive to eliminate abdominal fat. )

Acupoint 5: Shuidao

About 3 inches below the navel, about 2 inches on both sides of Guanyuan acupoint.

Point 6: Dai Mai point

The lateral abdomen on the horizontal line of navel. Promote the metabolism of the whole body.

Point 7, Tianshu point

The left and right sides of the navel are about 2 inches on both sides, focusing on the left Tianshu.

Methods and time of acupoint massage: lie on your back in bed every morning and evening, first push and press 3-4 times from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen with manipulation 2, and then massage the above 7 acupoints successively with manipulation 1 and manipulation 2, and massage each acupoint for about 2 minutes.

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Lose weight and eat more in winter

1. Eat more eggs

We can't find food with more protein than eggs. Eggs are highly respected by nutritionists because they contain a variety of important amino acids. The study found that people who ate eggs for breakfast felt less hungry throughout the day. The protein and fat contained in eggs can make people feel full, which can effectively reduce excessive intake.

2. Drink more yogurt

The study found that people who mainly absorb calcium from yogurt have a flatter abdomen. Most yoghurt contains some fungi that can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce abdominal distension and constipation, and make your abdomen look flatter. So if you want to have a thin stomach and drink more yogurt, it's right.

3. Drink more tea

Drinking tea before meals can form a diaphragm in the intestines and stomach, effectively preventing excessive oil intake. Qinghe tea made by Tianfang yicaotang is a traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea made of lotus leaf and cassia seed. It can not only effectively prevent excessive oil intake, but also inhibit fat formation and promote fat combustion. Drink a cup of Qinghe tea before dinner, not only thin stomach, the whole body can also lose weight.