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Wu Yifan, Lu Han's favorite clothing brand. I can't help but make friends with God

A sharing from Haimei: the clothes of boys are always concerned by everyone. Not only are they fashion media, but fans also buy the same style of stars to shorten the distance with male gods. So what is the brand that makes Wu Yifan and Lu Han crazy? Today Haimei will give the price of science popularization.

If you are the powder of small fresh meat, you will not be unfamiliar with off white. The large white stripe with twill logo is so distinctive that no one can pretend to be invisible. The founder of off white is Virgil abloh, who is not only the exclusive modeling consultant of Kanye West, but also the founder of the Chicago fashion store RSVP gallery. Just in 2014, virgin abloh displayed his latest brand off white in Paris.

As a high street brand from the United States, off-white has become very fashionable with simple and clean cutting as its keynote, plus the brand's signature deceleration strip pattern and digital logo. Therefore, it has won a large number of fans who have been in the forefront of fashion. However, Wu Yifan, Lu Han and Quan Zhilong, your favorite fresh meat, are also among them.

For example, this super oversized red plaid shirt, which was very popular for a while. You must have seen the same model, but Russian can still not know the brand.

Of course, being red is not good enough.

Any white printed shirt is also a surprise. One of the characteristics of designers is to print off white logo on the back of shirt and T-shirt.

The logo on the bottom of the waistband is also a major feature.

This pair of trousers is not only worn once by Wu Yifan. It can be seen that it is true love.

For example, your Wu Yifan likes to make friends with people who wear off white clothes & hellip; & hellip;

White is not only fashionable, but also easy to wear. It can lead the trend with jeans. Boys can try it