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Are you hungry and thirsty? Eight manifestations of women's sexual hunger and thirst depends on whet

A share from Haimei: Although many women don't want to admit that they are in a state of sexual hunger and thirst, they will sound very lewd, thus causing psychological pressure. But you need to know your sexual life state, so that you can have a happy and happy life, don't you? Let's not say much. Let's look at the eight manifestations of women's sexual hunger and thirst, and test whether you are successful!

Performance 1: frequent spring dreams.

In fact, there is a certain connection between dreams and psychological thoughts. A woman's frequent spring dreams either means that she wants to fall in love very much, or that she lacks sexual life for a long time and yearns for spring. These two possibilities are relatively large. So get a male ticket!

Performance two: attention is not concentrated, indulge in sexual fantasy.

Serious hunger and thirst can make physical reaction overcome reason, and make you unable to get along with a man with a normal heart. If you wonder how old his "second mate" is all day long, how do you pay attention to his other performance?

Performance three: irritable, frustration deep, worry less happy.

In the sex hungry women, there will be inexplicable anxiety, such as always complaining about the weather, complaining that the coffee is too cold, and always grabbing seats with others.

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Performance 4: become a workaholic.

Not too much love work, but self deception, with work to paralyze themselves, even let your boss start to worry.

Performance 5: being picky and difficult to please.

To your sexual partner always pick three pick four, think he is too rude, not considerate, just harm you can't reach orgasm.

Performance 6: problems that can never be solved in life.

He always prevaricates with unsolvable problems, such as insufficient living expenses and mother-in-law's bad temper, but he refuses to directly say to him, "why don't you do this in bed to please me?"

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Performance 7: dead, always complaining that no one cares about you.

Women can become more attractive when they get sexual satisfaction, which is why women with boyfriends or husbands will become more and more beautiful. On the contrary, many women who are hungry and thirsty are pale and lifeless. They always feel depressed and think: "no matter whether I get up or not, no one cares. '

Manifestation 8: pelvic congestion syndrome.

Long term sexual hunger and thirst are easy to bring a series of gynecological diseases, such as high tide delayed in the future, so that the original pelvic congestion can not subside, will cause chronic lower abdominal pain. The disease can be detected by ultrasonography and laparoscopy.