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Do not want to lose weight method! Korean actress 3 months thin 32 Jin, blood pressure instability,

A sharing from Haimei: Zheng Caiyan, 18, a member of the Korean women's group dia, recently admitted that she originally weighed more than 60 kg. In order to become more photogenic, she lost 32 kg in three months, which made her health a red light. She should not try such a weight loss method. After all, health is the most important thing

Zheng Caiyan said that her weight last year was 64 kg, which was "heavyweight" compared with other female idols. So she decided to lose weight and was almost starving every day. 'I only eat tender tofu or soymilk. If I still feel too hungry, I eat a little tomato and practice dancing to lose weight. '

However, Zheng Caiyan's abnormal health and blood pressure have become unstable because of her abnormal way of losing weight. "Because I still need to work, I can eat normally now. 'and maintain posture by controlling the amount of food you eat.