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Zhang Liangying, those beautiful and versatile earrings give me a wave!

A sharing from Haimei: jewelry for girls is essential, earrings and earrings are one of the more important collocations. From earrings to earrings, it seems to realize the transformation from girls to little ladies. Well, come and see the earrings of the female stars with Haimei!

Zhang Liangying's white T-shirt with jeans wide leg pants + flip flops is lazy and fashionable, and has some vintage feeling. Earrings are the latest marble series launched by Glam ever. Most of their jewelry is in the hundreds of yuan, but they have a strong sense of design, and they are not defeated by big brands.

Yuan Shanshan's meatball head and glamever twinkle earrings are fashionable and young. She is dressed in a retro denim dress with a white shirt. It's casual and elegant.

Once upon a time, many people in addition to brushing Yang Mi's long legs, but also brush a pair of earrings, that is, the long earrings that hang down to the chest.

Zhou Gongzi black and white dress, with youmu yvmin_ Simulate eyelash Series Black Agate Teardrop silver eyelash earrings, smart and playful.

Chen Qiaoen attended the "we're here" conference, white one shoulder top with pink ball earrings, from youmu yvmin_ P. E physical education series.

Zhao Wei is wearing the classic design series flamenco of APM Monaco. The dancing palace fan Earrings let the ear reveal a lot of aura.