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Small girls also don't want the blue thin mushroom long coat, so take the tall fly up

A share from Haimei: today, my friend has a beautiful long coat, but it's short, and I can't feel it. Blue and thin Lentinus edodes (sad to cry) ~ Haimei said, it doesn't matter. Listen to Haimei's, it's right. The collocation of these long coats will let you fly up every minute! In order to answer the theme of this article, I specially found several fashions whose height is less than 160 Fine.

-Choose style-

Even if you are a hobbit with a good proportion and a weight of less than 100, choosing the wrong style is still a disaster!

Shoulder line design, waist design and fabric weight will affect the high degree!

1. The straight tube is slim, the style is simple, and the style with neat cut is the highest

And for the same straight tube style of long coat, slim fit is higher

Eva Longoria's height is between 156 and 158. It's also a simple style coat. The loose and fat style on the left is easy to eat people. It doesn't have the spirit of a straight jacket on the right.

Although there is no obvious waist design for this kind of fitting straight tube jacket on the right, the version is narrow. It fits well, the shoulder line design and vertical lines. The visual focus is on the shoulder, which makes people feel that all the legs are below the shoulder!

2. A coat

A-type coat, as the name implies, the top is narrow and the bottom is wide, and the bottom is like a skirt!

Pay attention to the waistline of type a overcoat. If there is no obvious waistline or waist design, you can add a belt as shown in the figure on the right

3. Avoid cocoon over the knee jacket!

Cocoon type coat is one of the favorite overcoats of pickpocket sister. There are many rumors that small people can't wear cocoon type coat in the world. In fact, small people can also wear cocoon type coat. It only needs to wear cocoon type coat that is knee length to the middle of thigh. It's OK to wear it open.

Long over the knee cocoon type, oversize type and more heavy type, small can not support, easy to be swallowed by clothes, not recommended to choose

If you want to try the cocoon type, you can choose this length

4. Don't wear heavy overcoat over the knee

The most taboo for a small man to wear clothes is cumbersome. What he pays attention to is the word 'spirit'!

Long coat, if it is very thick, is taboo for small people! It is very pressure on the vision. The reason why the slim and fit long coat is high is because of its very spiritual cutting and design, plus the obvious shoulder line, the overall straight spirit!

Small people can also wear an ankle length jacket, the two below are 155-157 in height.

The design and tailoring should be simple, and the design focus should be on the upper body, such as the left picture, and the visual focus should be on the upper body; the long coat should not be heavy, and the light and elegant long coat like the one on the right can also be worn by small people

The oversize of miroslava Duma and its thick fabric make it look like a quilt for small people to go out.

-Pay attention to the matching proportion-

-High waistline is important-

Whether it is a small person or a person with a height of 165 +, in order to show leg length, in addition to relying on the insole height, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching proportion! To put it bluntly, it is to create a super conspicuous waist line, high waist line, high waist line!

Use a picture on the Internet to show the effect of waistline on leg length