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Zhang Baizhi, 36 years old, is still charming and has a love affair with a new girl

A share from Haimei: Cecilia Cheung, a enigma like woman, but this mystery seems to be a mystery that everyone knows. Today, Cecilia Cheung has been exposed to be in close contact with the fresh meat lovers, pushing him to the topic port again. But Haimei tells the truth, Cecilia Cheung is really beautiful. Although she is 36 years old, she does not have the pure feeling of "Xingyu Xingyuan", but she is still so beautiful. If you look at her costumes, you can see why she can capture the male gods.

As soon as the news of Cecilia Cheung and top, a member of BigBang, started a heated discussion between the two fans.

In addition to the cooperation with top, there are countless male gods cooperating with Cecilia Cheung in recent years.

The relationship between Zhang Dongjian and danger in the movie

Close with Wu Yifan

In addition to his independent and strong personality charm, Cecilia Cheung's high-quality clothes over the past ten years should not be underestimated.

Haimei looks through the mass models of Cecilia Cheung's red carpet dresses, daily Private clothes, movie stills, fashion blockbusters and so on. She finds it difficult to define her style with a specific word. Cecilia Cheung's modeling is as changeable and rich as the characters in her works.

She can be a pure and innocent young girl

They can also be brave and heroic

You can also be a young woman with a variety of styles but deep in the city government

Cecilia Cheung not only presents a variety of images in his works, but also can control various styles in real life.

Fashion big, from the girl to the mature girl's cultivation advanced.

You just need a floral shirt and skirt to transform into a sunny girl

The White Short Knitwear and striped shorts are full of vitality and natural and unrestrained

The tribal color matching Printed Dress with retro smoky make-up gives out the unique sexy temperament of mature women