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Teach you four ways to prevent and eliminate the pregnancy pattern, refuse to be "watermelon belly"

A piece from Haimei: after pregnancy, women's body and psychology will change greatly. It seems that they are becoming more and more ugly (I shouldn't tell the truth). The body appears with color spots, pigmentation and pregnancy marks. Many people don't want to have a baby because they are worried about getting ugly. Many newly married women don't know much about stretch marks. Today Haimei will tell you about these things.

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1. Enhance skin elasticity

During pregnancy to avoid excessive intake of sweets and fried food, should take balanced nutrition, improve the skin texture, help skin to enhance elasticity.

Recommended scheme:

A. Eat foods that are good for collagen fibers in the skin to enhance skin elasticity.

B. Control sugar intake, eat less food with high pigment content.

C. Drink two cups of skimmed milk every morning and evening, and eat fiber rich vegetables, fruits and foods rich in vitamin C, so as to increase the permeability of cell membrane and the metabolic function of skin.

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2. Control weight gain

During pregnancy, the weight will be increased. The weight gain should not exceed 2 kg per month. The whole pregnancy process should be controlled at 11-14 kg.

Recommended scheme:

A. The right water habit will speed up your skin elasticity program. After getting up in the morning, you can first drink a large cup of warm mineral water, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that the viscera into the working state; in the morning, it is very important to discharge the body garbage. If you are often trapped by constipation, add salt to the water.

B. Adjust eating habits, try to eat fresh fruit, drink less juice; drink skimmed milk, less milk; drink clear soup, less thick soup, eat more low sugar fruit, less biscuits and salads.

C. Moderate exercise or light housework can help to restore skin elasticity. It has obvious effect on increasing skin elasticity of waist, abdomen, buttock, breast and inner thigh.

D. To ensure a balanced, nutritious diet, avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates and excess calories, resulting in excessive weight gain.

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3. Use pregnancy marks protection products

At the beginning of pregnancy, you use the "collagen elastic micro molecule" rich in olive essence and the vitamins for pregnancy.

In early pregnancy, it can enhance the skin ductility, make the skin fully adapt to the changes of body shape during pregnancy, prevent the rupture of subcutaneous fiber due to excessive stretching, and effectively reduce the appearance of pregnancy marks. For Mommy with shallow tattoo, it is necessary to combine the protective essence of stretch marks with the stretch mark repair essence, which can activate the fiber cells and make the broken fibrous tissue regenerate. The continuous use can make the stretch mark color gradually fade to normal skin color, and the concave and convex sensation is obviously weakened to disappear.

Recommended scheme:

8: 00-12:00, the vitality of the skin will reach the peak, at this time the most suitable for the prevention of pregnancy marks. Pregnancy marks protection liquid, pregnancy mark repair liquid, skin elastic repair liquid, etc., give mothers to be gentle and meticulous care of the skin, reduce the worries of childbirth.

Take appropriate amount of pregnancy stria repair solution and apply it evenly on abdomen, buttock, breast and inner thigh every day, and massage gently for 2-3 minutes until it is completely absorbed.

Then use the skin elastic repair solution, gently massage for 5 minutes until it is completely absorbed. After 10 minutes, use the pregnancy marks protection liquid, after bathing, wipe the skin moisture, the effect is better.

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4. Moderate massage

To prevent or repair stretch marks, we can consider using essential oil with tightening effect, living massage oil containing L-vitamin C and various oil organic nutrients, and skin elastic repairing liquid to promote epidermal cell division and growth, and make skin tight, elastic and not relaxed. It can effectively improve the skin relaxation and roughness during pregnancy.

Local massage can increase skin elasticity. It can be used together with anti wrinkle cream to not only make massage easier, but also keep skin moist and avoid excessive strong pulling.

It is suggested that new mothers should adhere to abdominal massage from the third month of pregnancy to the third month after birth, which can effectively prevent the formation of pregnancy marks or weaken the fine lines formed.

Recommended scheme:

Develop a good bath habit. Before bathing, light the incense, prepare a cup of hot milk, then rub and wash the abdomen and legs with a towel, and then spread the milk on the belly and knead it with both hands from inside to outside.

Wash after more than ten minutes, and then use essential oil or olive oil with tightening effect, dip in water and knead clockwise for more than ten minutes. After taking a bath, apply Firming Lotion to help burn fat, tighten and relax skin, and promote metabolism.

Special attention: the water temperature should not be too high when taking a shower. You can wash the abdomen with water slightly cooler than the body temperature, and gently massage the skin of abdomen, buttock, breast, inner thigh and waist, so as to enhance skin elasticity.

Expert tips: Stretch Mark conditioning must be once a day, adhere to use to achieve the best effect.