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Buttocks thigh thick pear shaped figure let these Collocations to perfect rescue

A share from Haimei: I'm not thin enough, how do I wear it? How do I wear my legs? How do I wear my big butt? Many girls ask Haimei this time, so Haimei specially sorted out some matching tips of pear shaped body in autumn and winter. Although Haimei is not thin, it is necessary to have self-confidence so that she can have her own aura~


To do: dress, A-line skirt, pleated skirt, MIDI skirt, high waist skirt, pencil skirt that is not so tight

Not to do: super short fluffy skirt, high slit skirt, elastic pencil skirt

On the whole, pear shaped girls wear skirts better than pants. But not all skirts are suitable for pear shaped body, the shape and length are very important.

Swiss blogger Kristina Bazan's clothes are often used as a demonstration, many people like this lovely girl with a sweet smile. Can you tell that she is pear shaped?

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As I said before, A-line skirt is suitable for girls of all sizes, and pear shaped dress is more stress-free.

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Attention! Princess wind's super short fluffy skirt is also a minefield for pear shaped girls. Although it can appear higher, it will also appear strong legs.

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What about pear shaped hobbits who want to look tall in short skirts? Kristina Bazan, a Swiss fashion blogger, teaches you a way to get the best of both worlds: wear a high waisted skirt. Let others only notice your little waist. In the lower two, the effect will be better if you put the clothes in.

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The pencil skirt with strong elasticity can highlight the curvilinear beauty of women. But the skirt, which wraps the lower part of the body too tightly, is not so suitable for a pear shaped figure. These two sets of Leighton Meester's are too tight, too short, and soft enough to be wide at the hips.

It's also thunderstruck every day. Fortunately, she showed her thin waist and made up for it with a confident smile. But if you look at her lower body carefully, it's very strong.

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Is this pencil skirt any better? The high waist, hard denim material, plus the wide top and narrow bottom, looks like a paper figure.

So not all pencil skirts are not suitable for pear shaped bodies. As long as you choose a high waist, not too tight, a bit hard material, and then pay attention to a little collocation, pencil skirt can also be a sharp tool for shaping a pear shaped figure.