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Why do we all like Jack Ma?

Netflix's "Jack Ma" is the most successful animated series in recent years. It has been broadcast for three seasons and will have a fourth season next year. The score of Douban was 9.3 in the first quarter and 9.5 in the second and third seasons. Even if someone hasn't seen the show, they'll see a screenshot of the show on social tools. What's the secret that makes this animation so popular?

Matisse's masterpiece dance

The details of "horse man" are intriguing. For example, the decorative painting behind the scene imitates the famous work "dance" by Matisse.

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The truth of Jack's life.

At the age of 32, the author accurately depicts the middle-aged crisis. To be tolerant of Ma Nan is to be tolerant of himself

Netflix's "Ma man Bo Jack" (hereinafter referred to as "Ma man") is the most successful animation series in recent years, has been broadcast for three seasons, and will have a fourth season next year. The score of Douban was 9.3 in the first quarter and 9.5 in the second and third seasons. Even if someone hasn't seen the show, they'll see a screenshot of the show on social tools. What's the secret that makes this animation so popular?

The horse man full of shortcomings is deeply felt

Playing with women, drinking, cheating on friends, selfish and irresponsible, self abased and vicious tongue & hellip;

In the "horse man" world, human beings and all kinds of humanoid animals live together, pojake is a guy with a horse's upper body. Jack bojack was the star of the hit sitcom "monkey pony" in the 1990s, but there has been no representative work since then. Now that he is middle-aged and has achieved nothing, he begins to worry. He hopes to change, but he doesn't know where to start. Part of Jack pojake's anxiety comes from his mother. His mother (also a horse of course) has been complaining about her children since she was a child because of her bad relationship with her husband. She is extremely mean and spiteful. Jack always has no confidence in himself and always needs to find self-confidence from others' praise.

Pojake has a group of friends around him. The first one to bear the brunt is Todd, who is taken in by him and lives with him. Todd seems heartless, but in fact he is sensitive. He has been hurt several times by pojake, but in the end he will forgive his friends.

Diane, a Vietnamese girl, is a confidant of pojake. After writing a biographical novel to pojake, she has become a regular job to write micro blog for the stars. Diane wanted to do something to change the world, but the reality gave her a big slap in the face. Eventually, ideal was destroyed by reality, and Diane became depressed.

Diane's husband, peanut butter, is a Labrador and a sitcom actor. He's sunny. But it's only appearance. The dog will feel sad sometimes. He knows his wife and pojake's past, but he pretends to be ignorant. Peanut butter and Jack are both friends and enemies.

Pojake's agent is a cat, Princess Caroline. This pink cat is a typical workaholic. Princess Caroline and pojake also had a love affair, but like many of Jack's' girlfriends', she finally found out that it was more reliable for them to be friends.

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In addition to the fixed protagonists, Jack Bauer also has a bunch of 'girlfriends', such as Wanda the owl who is planning for the TV station, the child star Sarah & Lindt; Lin who plays his daughter in the "mischievous pony"; Anna pojake's Oscar public relations officer, Charlotte the DOE, and her daughter Penny the fawn.

When you see this, you will say that Jack is a real jerk. Yes, playing with women, drinking too much, being selfish and irresponsible & hellip; & hellip; these are him, but not necessarily. Pojake is arrogant and self abased. He is afraid of emptiness, so he likes to have parties. However, the more lively the party is, the more empty he is. Pojake is still extremely insecure, so he will try every means to extinguish his friend's Opera dream, just to let him stay with him.

Jack Ma is not a sage, and few people in his life can be perfect. Although Ma Nan has a lot of problems, he betrays almost everyone who loves him. But he is not evil in nature. Every time you cross the bottom line, you can come back and regret and apologize after doing something wrong. The audience thought Ma Nan was dying one second, and then began to sympathize with him one minute later.

In fact, Ma Nan's weaknesses and defects, we have no exception, to Ma Nan tolerance is also to reach an understanding with ourselves. In this sense, Jack Ma is more like a comedy than a comedy.

Small details have a big head, which is worth watching repeatedly

The cat on the roof

Thanks to the creator's fantastic ideas and the ultimate pursuit of details, "Ma Nan" is worth using the pause button to taste every play. Many trivial details have a lot to say. For example, Elizabeth middot in the poster of cat on hot tin roof; Taylor is really a cat. All the attendants in the seafood restaurant are aquatic products. The chef is a cockroach. The lantern fish reporter brings his own flash. Princess Caroline's computer screen saver is a ball of wool. Peanut butter (dog)'s favorite TV series is bones. The hotel doorman kangaroo uses his stomach pocket to carry the luggage of guests. The security guard on the submarine is electric eel The construction workers are a group of worker bees. Termites go to the wood shop to buy wood to eat. As soon as the camel drinks water, the hump will drum up, and the dolphin singers will sing the sound of dolphin. Penguin publishing house is really a group of penguins managing hellip; & hellip;

Almost no one can find all these eggs at once, and the audience can watch them over and over again, and each time they can get something new. In the era of fragmented reading, this feature of Ma Nan fits in with the law of social network communication.

The man behind the horse man

It's reasonable to say that it's a middle-aged old man to write about the middle-aged crisis, but the creator of "the horse man" is an unknown 32 year old man, Raphael Bob waksberg. The blue eyed, balding Jewish descendant is from Palo Alto, California. His father immigrated to the United States for Soviet Jews, and his mother ran a Jewish bookstore.

As a teenager, Raphael was rebellious and a frequent visitor to the headmaster's office. He has a strange gift for telling jokes. He can always make people angry or cry because they make jokes too much. At that time, many of his classmates thought that he liked to bully people and thought he was too mean, but he felt that he was just playing a harmless joke.

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Fortunately, his ability did not deviate. In 2002, he and several like-minded partners formed the old Englishman comedy group, produced many comedy videos and published them online. At that time, Raphael had just arrived in Los Angeles and knew very few people. He and his friends lived in a big house in Hollywood (similar to the villa in Ma Nan film). Squeezed on the cot in the corner of his bedroom and looking at the Hollywood logo outside the window, he felt both a sense of pride in the world and loneliness. This contrast ignited his inspiration, and the story of Ma man began to take shape.

Rafael's high school girlfriend and now comic and illustrator Lisa Hanawalt provided important assistance in the process of the birth of "the horse man.". She was very fond of horses, and later she became the artistic director of the play "horse man". Many interesting details were written by her.

The production team of Ma Nanbo Jack has about 100 employees. All winter, they are working on the story for the next season. After the story is finalized, it will be sent to North Korea, where the OEM will complete the animation production. In the discussion stage, everyone will dig into every detail. For example, in the third season, there is an episode about Jack Ma going to the bottom of the ocean to attend the 'Pacific City Film Festival' (the whole episode has basically no dialogue, which is like a pantomime). On a bus, he meets Shanghai Ma dad and gives birth. The team members have a heated discussion on the size of his father's pregnant belly & hellip;, which happens every day in the crew.