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You can't do 15 things that women don't have brains to do

A share from Haimei: love is sweet and marriage is happy, but the couples to be married are definitely the most unhappy group. Fantasy after marriage life of various problems, women will become entangled, men become irritable. In fact, as long as you master the root of the knot, you can quickly and effectively solve it, come to learn the method!

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&1. Intentionally late for an appointment.

I don't know when girls like this art of being late for a date. Depending on her boyfriend's patience, she chooses to be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or even longer than the scheduled time, so as to test her boyfriend's feelings towards herself & hellip; & hellip; To make your boyfriend wait a little impatient, a little worried, but not enough to get angry, if there is really a man with a straight face and say, "no more!" then you won't go next time. However, the vast majority of men will endure the inner injustice, and will also force to smile and say: "it's OK, I have just arrived!" in fact, he has sat there and smoked half a pack of cigarettes.

2. If your mother and I fell in the river, who would you save first?

A silly old problem, in fact, this is not fun, and no human nature, for men, is a cruel dilemma, and can only force men to lie on the road.

3. "Do you love me?" and "how much do you love me?"

Ask n times a day, enjoy it, the man a little impatient look, immediately on the line that he is not valued by the other side, to the man's repeated guarantee, forcing men to write a blood contract to make a life and death contract. Compared with women, the male brain's sensory center and communication center are less' connected '. When it is not easy for him to say' I love you ', he is usually not expressing his immediate feelings, but is solving a problem to let her know his intention.

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4. One cry two make three break up.

Crying is OK, and it has certain aesthetic value. Making trouble is a little bit too much, but it also has some lovely points. The lowest level is that you must say "break up", sharpen the knife and be murderous. In fact, shouting "wolf is coming" is just a show, but it is very annoying. "Fake drama" sometimes makes men do it. Men can't bear the coercion of women.

5. 'Do you like Lin Zhiling

Then happily waiting for his man to answer. In fact, most of the time, women like to listen to a 'perfect answer' instead of 'real voice', which makes men feel very difficult. A person who doesn't pay attention to other women or has no idea must be monkey king or Tang monk. Most men strengthen their sexual desires and fantasies by appreciating women. Think of these, you do not have to force the tiger into a cat to catch mice!

6. 'are friends important or I important

Once in love, men lose their freedom. If your boyfriend is playing or drinking with his friends, and he doesn't go to his girlfriend's house to change the light bulb in time, it's a very serious matter, because he lost face in front of his parents! In order to show his' first 'status, he always likes to dominate his boyfriend, let him betray his relatives and become a lonely' love 'person! In fact, how much does your boyfriend care about you? He also needs friends. If a man is lonely because of his lust, Well, the bridal chamber is like a cell.

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7. Make sure you have a diamond ring!

It's a barrier, and it's about the economy. Girls like to keep up with the Joneses and pass the pressure on their boyfriends. If they don't have a diamond ring, they don't want to get their hands on. Anxiety before marriage can make a man run away. Love needs to be proved, but don't show off vanity. Men are used to lean on, but also used to hold.

8. Pillow man's arm to sleep.

In fact, men are tired and women are not comfortable. Don't carry the bride's frame, go to bed as the sedan chair, for men, is a big burden. If women's psychological satisfaction is based on their husband's "numbness", the husband will regard bed as "fear of the road" and become numb when they lie down.

9. The punishment of love.

If the husband doesn't agree with your unreasonable demands, he will 'strike the bed' and throw his husband's pillow and tell him to get out of bed! This kind of behavior, which uses love as a weapon to force his husband to betray or submit to his will, may eventually evolve into a cold feeling of the husband. In the long run, men will have a sense of frustration. Therefore, this kind of behavior is tantamount to torture the man, and it is the kind of fight to death. Once the seeds of hatred germinate on the pillow The pillow becomes a time bomb!

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10. Discipline her husband in public and kick his feet under the table.

A man's face is bigger than his buttocks. Be careful. Although some people call it "Virtue", it is a bit "immoral" to say that they are afraid of wives, because it hurts people. If a man is weak, he will be afraid of a shrew wife. What pride and self-esteem does a weak man have?

11. She frowned at her parents in law.

A husband is most afraid of a bad relationship between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law. Because of the war between two women, it is often himself who will end up in the ashes. Therefore, if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not in harmony, troubles will be created endlessly. Men in this situation must lead a life of deep water.

12. Check the phone and take out your pocket.

The former is concerned about the husband's "life style problem", the latter is to check the husband's "economic problems": whether there is a small Treasury, whether the income is concealed or falsely reported. Three words: distrust. This kind of man who lives in a family must be depressed and miserable. If he is careless, he will make mistakes. It is a bit like combing the hair of Empress Dowager Cixi and catching lice.

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13. Drain his energy.

Every night, my husband has to do his homework. It doesn't matter if he is not romantic. He is afraid that his energy will be wasted outside. Therefore, the strong desire for possession makes these women become irrational lioness! Don't think that men think about love all the time, and men also think with their brains.

14. 'you're dumb','What are you thinking. '

After making love, the man in the stress period often has a blank mind and loses self-control, so that he appears clumsy and at a loss. He must do some simple actions to restore his intimacy. At this time, if the excited wife wants her husband to talk as much as she does and ask him to think about some sharp issues like "Shenzhou VI", it is really too difficult for him.

15. "The neighbor has changed his car again!"

This kind of strong stimulation of hating iron but not making steel will make men angry and generate inferiority complex. Therefore, some impatient men will blurt out: "the neighbors have changed their wives!" many men believe that their financial status reflects their intrinsic value, because, by making fun of his income, you actually despise his ability to be a man.