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A group of 19-year-old Zhao Liying Qingse photos tell you how tall Zhao Liying is! Nearly 1.7 meters

A share from Haimei: This is the photo of Zhao Liying when she participated in the talent show of three directors Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Jizhong in 2006. Zhao Liying was only 19 years old, and her face was a little rounder than now. She was very green and lovely!

Zhao Liying won the champion of Feng Xiaogang group in the talent show of that year. This is a picture of her and Feng Xiaogang talking on the stage. The director Feng looked very young 10 years ago!

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At that time, the three champions of Yahoo search star. From this picture, we can see that Zhao Liying is definitely not low in height. Wearing high-heeled shoes, she is definitely 1.7 meters or more. The boy in the middle is AI Lijiang, the champion of Chen Kaige group, but there is 1.84 meters. The girl on the left is he Zhuanyan, the champion of Zhang Jizhong group.

Zhao Liying holds the cup in her hand. She has a sweet smile and should be very happy, but her expression is quite calm.

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After winning the draft, Zhao Liying was favored by Huayi, and then both sides signed an agreement, which was launched as one of the eight rookies. Only three of them had their own opportunities and made great achievements in the future. They were Zhao Liying (first from the right), Wang Kai (second from the left) and Marco (fourth from the right).

Director Zhao Liying and Feng Xiaogang, as well as some other new people's photos when they attended Huayi dinner party, it turns out that "Xiao Gu" and "kill sister" are old acquaintances!

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After winning the champion of Feng Xiaogang group, Zhao Liying, as the heroine, shot a large commercial film "kneeling clan" directed by Feng Xiaogang. Although the short film is an advertisement, it has Comic Characteristics and is very funny! Although Zhao Liying does not appear in the film very much, more is Fan Wei in the performance, but the starting point is quite high as a debut work!