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Small s Snowman looks cute and cute

A share from Haimei: in the past, the appearance of Xiaos was coquettish, but this time it was also a little fresh. The snowman is also very cute.

Small s to Snowman Dress up to appear in the big show, a pair of beautiful legs is too thin to become the focus.

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After watching Roger Vivier and Stella McCartney shows in Paris fashion week, Xu Xidi, an international professional superstar, set up a new entry badge at 12:00 local time on May 5 in Paris. With a pitiful expression, she turned into a fashion Snowman wearing a high white hat, and then put on a pair of ultra-fine legs. Sure enough, every time she shows up, she has a lot of fun!

The snowman with high hat is very dramatic.

On the spring and summer show of 2017, Xiao s was dressed up with embroidered lace and snow-white trousers of fur. The White was very hierarchical. In addition, she was still in love with her appearance. It seemed that she was a real-life snowman to watch the show.