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Enlarge and look after the female star whose make-up is the thickest

A share from Haimei: it's really not easy to be a female star in the entertainment industry. In addition to various 360 degrees without dead ends, HD lens is also unavoidable. It's easy to see what the skin condition and make-up look like. Today, Kobayashi is going to use a set of super high-definition photos to take you to see the first-line Huadan, whose beauty is born, whose makeup is the thickest. The front is too high definition, welcome to review by yourself.

Yang Mi's selfie, this is the dress up in fashion week, this suit is very capable and fashionable. And when you look at it in high definition, you can almost see the pores.

In this way, the power of the eye makeup is not thick, eyelashes are root and root clear, very fresh and transparent. But under such high definition, you can see that the big power of the skin is great, almost no acne, no beautiful pupil, not only the makeup is not thick, but also very natural.

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AB's Chinese style dress is very beautiful, the air bangs look watery eyes. After magnifying to see its make-up, it is not particularly thick.

Young is good, and ab's skin is also very good. The makeup is mainly focused on the eye makeup, which is very delicate and natural. Under such high definition, it has completely withstood the test. The only small drawback is that the eye makeup is not as transparent as Yang Mi.

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How can small flower Dan less Tang Yan? We all say that Tang Yan has a net red face, in fact, it has a lot to do with her make-up.

In addition to the unique one character eyebrow of wanghong, Tang Yan's whole make-up is very beautiful, with eyebrow tail and eye tail on the high side, showing the feeling of fox eye. Change the eyebrow shape, in fact, it will be better.

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Fan Ye's cherry blossom pink suit is really tender and warm. And its make-up, in high-definition, is also at a glance.

From the foundation of the alar and the real skin texture, fan's bottom makeup is thick. Compared with the front ones, the eye makeup is overweight. But it's not easy to maintain such a good service after 30 years old. Girls have to learn.

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Even more powerful is Lin Xinru, 40 years old, who can have such tight and elastic skin, please take Xiaomu's knee.

Far away, I think Ruby Lin is a bit old. But after magnifying, she has many advantages. Not only is her makeup very weak, but her foundation is also clear, and the whole person looks like 30 years old.

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It can only be said that huanzhu Sanmei is well maintained. Zhao Wei, also 40, looks like her skin is in good condition.

Super clear, this set of Korean eye makeup, is very age reduction.

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Zhang Ziyi is really beautiful, but there is a little in want of perfection that is freckles, even if it is a foundation, it is hard to cover up.