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"Tree hole" free tattoo, please give me a dozen of these tattoos

A sharing from Haimei: under normal circumstances, it is as difficult for girls to choose tattoo patterns as it is to choose the background of a big head sticker. But in New York, what has been a challenge recently is that you can tattoo for free, but I has the final say in any design, and I will know it until the grain is fine. He named the challenge 'complete Glory'.

In the challenge, customers need to put their arms through a small window and wait for Scott's big work at that end. It's not difficult to see that the faces of the young friends are full of anxiety and Expectation - after all, this is not a sticker of crayon Xiaoxin, and it is not easy to wash off the wrong one.

However, people's trust in Scott is not groundless. The tattoo expert has left works on many celebrities, such as famous designer Mark & middot; Jacobs; Orlando & middot; bloom, the elf Prince of the Lord of the rings; Penelope & middot; Cruz, Tom's ex girlfriend, and so on. Of course, he expressed his gratitude to every customer who trusted him.

What do you think of his tattoo?