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What is the happiest girlfriend of a man?

A sharing from Haimei: every man has different requirements for women at different stages. For example, when you are young, you want to be beautiful; when you are young, you need to have face; when you are mature, you pursue comfort. At what stage do you want to meet him?

A man from a boy to a man, is a long process. In addition to family background and growth environment, people's concept and way of dealing with feelings are also influenced by emotional experience. If you really love, the imprint of a relationship is mostly unforgettable. After separation from a woman, she must have left her influence on him. Slowly, the influence of several relationships changed his way of dealing with the feelings and the requirements for them. With the growth of age, he who finally entered the marriage was quite different from the original one.

Most of the gentle and considerate men are trained by women. First love, each other often do not know how to cherish; experienced some feelings, the man will cherish the side of you, because his ex girlfriend taught him a lot. So, when we have a good man, we should know that what we enjoy is the fruit of the previous girl. So, what is the happiest girlfriend of a man?

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First love: green apple

First love is beautiful and pure, but not pure love can represent everything. He didn't know anything. He wrote a few love letters when he pursued you and called you at the bottom of your dormitory. He thought about it for two days when he held your hand for the first time. His face turned red when he said he loved you for the first time. When he kissed you for the first time, he was afraid of bumping into you, so he asked whether you agreed or not. This is the first love, he is not good at feeling, more do not understand women, do not know what you want. You ask him who he loves the most, and he won't lie and say it's his mother. When you ask him whether he will marry you in the future, he stays for a while and says that he has not thought about this question.

The first relationship is undoubtedly green and astringent. This is that he doesn't have too many ideas and requirements for feelings. Basically, no matter what you are, he can accept it and is willing to spoil, coax and love you unconditionally. But most of the first love also ended in vain, because it did not consider the feasibility of the actual situation.

If we look at the depth of the mark, the impression left by the first love is the deepest and the most influential. Many years later, he has children in groups, still can recall the sunny afternoon, with you under the tree carefree fighting.

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Youth: passionate

He sent you flowers and invited your friends to dinner. He said, 'I love you,' and he picked you up and spun around. The moment you promise him, he kisses you. That's how men behave in the second relationship. He said that his girlfriend should wash his boyfriend's clothes and send water to wipe sweat when he plays. You ask him who he loves the most, and he thinks about it and says, it's you. You asked, will we have a future? He said, would you like to go to my hometown? Occasionally, he would think of his first love. He said, at that time, I was too young to understand anything.

Men who have experienced a relationship have their own understanding of women's preferences. For feelings, for women, for marriage, he has already had a vague concept, consciously or unconsciously, he is pursuing and debugging his own view of feelings. But the man in the second love, although he knows what he wants, he doesn't want to tie himself up so quickly.

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Youth: planning to get married

He said, although I have nothing, I have a heart that loves you. Believe me, we will be happy. So you rent a house in a strange city and share a small room with a simple bathroom and kitchen. Every morning you get up earlier than him, occasionally make breakfast for him and take the bus to work separately. In the evening, you buy good dishes on your way back and cook them for him. He occasionally washes dishes and cleans the floor. Together with frugality, I still owe my credit card when I read, and when I have enough money to get married. You go back home with him, and he says dad thinks you're a good girl.

This stage of men, has faded, from boys to men. As for women, he not only pays attention to appearance and figure, but also pays attention to whether you can cook, take care of yourself and be a good mother. He begins to think about the feasibility of marrying you and whether they are suitable for living together.

After two relationships, a man has a plan to start a family. He will take you home to see your parents. He promised to give you happiness. Maybe the man in the third love relationship is not very good, but he will work hard for your family. Therefore, after two relationships, a man is basically a good marriage partner.

Maturity: compromise for many

'I think we can talk,' he said. He took you home that night and stayed for the night. He is very painful and always knows what women need. He'll surprise you before you ask. He bought a house with your name on it. When his mother saw you, she said, "my daughter, you are not young. Get married! You feel very happy and accept his diamond ring. One day, you read his computer, saw his letter to his ex girlfriend, told your story, and then said: These are all the things I want to do for you, but I didn't understand them before and had no conditions.

After three relationships, a man has a certain financial ability, he can give you what you need in life. However, men at this stage may no longer pay attention to feelings after experiencing several relationships, just choose a marriage object, so we should be alert to whether men marry for the sake of marriage.

If you can meet this man at this stage, no doubt you are lucky. Both economically and psychologically, he is a mature man. You can enjoy the precipitation of the hardships he has experienced before. Those deposits have been brewed into mellow wine. What you have to do is to taste slowly and drink this wine.

If you can meet this man at this stage, it is undoubtedly a great challenge to yourself. It is precisely because he has made a clear plan for women, marriage and the future. As long as you show a little bit of inappropriateness, he will deduct one point from you, and then another point will be deducted. If the score is less than 60, he will be out of the game. You should be friends with him and can share everything freely; you should respect and respect him as a subordinate; you should also be a lover with charming characteristics that make him unable to leave.

Each stage of the man has his own unique flavor, just like different years of wine. Which year of wine do you like? And which year can you drink it?

No matter what stage of men meet, women are needed to train and cultivate. A good man must have the shadow of the woman behind him, so, compared with waiting for a rabbit to meet a good man, it's better to start training your him.